What A Waste Of Space!


Where did all my money go?
Builder at this inspection I’m performing says there’s really nothing they can do with this “dead space” in the master bedroom, so they’re covering it up. It’s three feet, by four and a half feet, by eight feet tall. They see dead space, but I see a sweet humidor opportunity! ??‍♂image.jpgimage.jpg

George Scott

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If I was the owner, I'd take lots of pictures and wait until I took possession, then build something stealthy. After all, you don't want everyone to know about it!

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I'd frame it up, add some re-enforcement and a safe door, and have a dandy firearm or valuable storage area.


Where did all my money go?
The budget is gone. I am just smoking through my stock and I’m getting real low. I have only bought the tat monster boxes the last two years and that was it...
You’ll get back there. It’s cyclical and I’ve been there a time or two.

Wife pays off her Lexus next month and I’m done paying child support as of this coming June for my son. That’s almost $1,500.00 a month extra that can be put toward other things. ?