What's your latest beer purchase?


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I figured we needed a thread, to post pictures of recently purchased beers, ask questions or show off some local stuff.

I'll start it off. Drove to Siloam Springs, to eat with my Dad and stopped at a few bottle shops. I found:

12 BDCS - Ozark Brewing version of BCBS. It's a great beer, released once a year. I should have bought 12 more!

8 Materfamilias - Formerly MILF from Mothers brewing. I guess people bitcher about the name, so they changed it.

3 PseudoSue - Topplong Goliath IPA, got me into NEIPA. It's went a little diwn since they started canning, but still a great Pale Ale. I akways buy it, when I can find it.


The Black Cloud

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I try my best to not let buying get out of control like it had in the past. A few years ago I had boxes and boxes of bombers, 750's, and six packs. It was ridiculous. So these days I try to only buy a bottle or two or a sixer at a time.

That said...

Last weekend I went to Firestone Walker Propogator in Venice and in addition to taproom/restaurant, they have a brewery store with a walk-in cooler of archival beers. How I managed to only do fairly minimal damage was very hard. Came back with:

22oz bottle of Parabajava
12oz bottle of Mole Merkin (x2)
12oz bottle of El Gourdo (pumpkin sour)