What's your latest beer purchase?


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I figured we needed a thread, to post pictures of recently purchased beers, ask questions or show off some local stuff.

I'll start it off. Drove to Siloam Springs, to eat with my Dad and stopped at a few bottle shops. I found:

12 BDCS - Ozark Brewing version of BCBS. It's a great beer, released once a year. I should have bought 12 more!

8 Materfamilias - Formerly MILF from Mothers brewing. I guess people bitcher about the name, so they changed it.

3 PseudoSue - Topplong Goliath IPA, got me into NEIPA. It's went a little diwn since they started canning, but still a great Pale Ale. I akways buy it, when I can find it.


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I try my best to not let buying get out of control like it had in the past. A few years ago I had boxes and boxes of bombers, 750's, and six packs. It was ridiculous. So these days I try to only buy a bottle or two or a sixer at a time.

That said...

Last weekend I went to Firestone Walker Propogator in Venice and in addition to taproom/restaurant, they have a brewery store with a walk-in cooler of archival beers. How I managed to only do fairly minimal damage was very hard. Came back with:

22oz bottle of Parabajava
12oz bottle of Mole Merkin (x2)
12oz bottle of El Gourdo (pumpkin sour)


Where did all my money go?
I’m always on the look out for NEIPA’s my way. Most disappoint, but I have found a few gems from Hardywood, and Aslin. Just picked up another variation from Captain Lawrence (really liked the last one) and something I haven’t tried from Evil Twin. image.jpg