- How to reach?


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Gents, I have been quiet for a while, still smoking though.

I've had a terrible experience with I've read orders can be slow, to be patient. I am patient, most cigar smokers are, but this is just getting ridiculous.

In October 2017 I inquired about an order, delays and shipping to Canada. Yes, 2017, not a typo. Was told to expect 2-3 weeks delays. Order was paid in full on October 18th 2017. Wrote to both email addresses every time

12/21/2017 - Asked for an ETA, no answer
02/20/2018 - Asked for an ETA, only response I've ever got from Forrest.
Hello Marc,
I thought we already sent them. I'll grab the info at the shop tomorrow and find out what we did.
I can always rebuild and send tomorrow too.
Sorry for the error

04/12/2018 - Asked for an ETA, no answer
04/29/2018 - Asked for an ETA, no answer
05/13/2018 - Asked for an ETA, no answer
06/08/2018 - Asked for an ETA, no answer
07/04/2018 - Asked for an ETA, no answer
08/04/2018 - Asked for an ETA, no answer
08/14/2018 - Asked for an ETA, no answer - Went to paypal dispute to this point. BUT it was passed 6 months so they won't help. There goes my patience.

So you get the point. Wrote from the customer form on the website a couple of time asking for a refund/update, then simply from a refund. Asked on the facebook page for an update (after a year) only to get blocked.

I might be old school, but when I pay for a product, I expect either the product, or a money refund. 200$ is 200$.

What would you gents advise I do?


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Current emails come from He apparently gets new email addresses regularly. The Better Business Bureau gives a rating of "F." I'm at "only" six weeks after being told 2-3. Have been promised shipping that has come and passed with no word. Several folks have posted reports and pics of shoddy workmanship on FB cigar groups. My lesson learned. Don't try to relearn it.