Zippo? VS Butane


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Hey guys, I ran into a small misfortune last night.. Or so I thought. I went out to go have a cigar and was out of butane. So I figured two choices.. Bite the "bullet" and use the ol' zippo or go and pick up another can of butane.
I chose to use the zippo and I was quite surprised, I noticed absolutely no taste difference whatsoever. Oh and the cigar I smoked, I've had that a couple times before with a butane lighter.
Has anyone else also used a Zippo and not noticed a different taste at all?
As always, Thank you to all who replies!

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I have about 10 or so old Zippos, some nearly 50 years old. They all work. I have a drawer full of expensive butane lighters. None of them work. I still prefer wooden matches, however. Don't be afraid to use a Zippo on a cigar. Just let it burn a bit before lighting your cigar. There's a lot of B. S. in the cigar business. Much of it aimed at separating you from your money. The use of a Zippo is just one of them.



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The light-before-cutting method with a 1 minute rest prior to the cut prevents ignition taint, in my experience. A brief purge under flame provides added insurance as long as the foot is not over heated, making this extra maneuver potentially risky for the novice. It's probably better to rest the cigar a bit longer if you have doubts.

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I’ve used pretty much everything and I can never tell a difference. I enjoy cedar spills because of the traditional ‘experience’ but it doesn’t make much difference in flavor IMHO. Maybe I’m just an uncultured redneck, but to Doc’s point, I think it’s mostly in people’s heads.


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Butane. If i have cedar from a box or a wrapper on a cigar, I always love using this. It may make no difference at all but I swear sometimes it tastes cleaner. If not then at the least it smells good!


I don't have a super palette, but once a buddy handed me a Zippo to light a cigar, and all I could taste after that was lighter fluid. I've sworn off Zippos ever since.


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I use a torch, but mis a soft flame, and am about ready to go back to my Zippos as they all work. Like Doc and others , I have a drawer full of expensive butane lighters, and none of them work.
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