Finding the Right Cigar for the Right Occasion

For anyone who regularly indulges in cigars, the ceremony can become an integral element to properly enjoying any sort of affair. No matter whether you’re hosting a rowdy bachelor party, are relaxing after a long day at the office or treating yourself to a celebratory smoke after a big promotion, the cigar you choose can set the tone. Believe it or not, there is much more to be considered than mere price; for tips to finding the ideal selection for your specific circumstances, keep reading.

The Time of Day

Imagine this – you sit down at the breakfast table on a Tuesday morning, and are presented with mashed potatoes and a margarita. Undoubtedly you’d be a little confused (if not put off), and your selection in smokes should be approached with a similar attitude. When first taking on the day, select a milder flavor to accompany your cup of coffee. The later the hour, the more robust and rich the flavor should be.

Matching the Drink

There’s no denying the majesty of a skillfully paired beverage and stogie. Plenty has been written on the subject of pairing the two; generally speaking, darker alcohols like bourbon, whiskey and cognac can counter full-bodied cigars, while lighter alternatives or clear liquids are best complemented with a milder smoke or none at all. Surprisingly, a similar rule also applies to matching your cigar to your choice in coffee. Some find that sugar unpleasantly taints the cigar, so consider purchasing a flavored roast like one of these that naturally have some sweetness when drank black.

This may seem like common sense but, if you’re pulling out the “good brandy” for your brother’s birthday, don’t cheapen the experience and taste with a subpar cigar; when in doubt about what to light up, let your choice in drink guide your decision.

Infused Cigars

Have you ever thought about cigars as being a potential dessert? Increasing amounts of people relish the sweetness of infused cigars, smokes that are created by introducing flavors into the surrounding humidity as the tobacco is being aged. The result is a taste that nicely accompanies your evening coffee, cognac or dessert, and it is much less harsh than ordinary flavored cigars.

This is a trend that has been steadily picking up steam over the last decade. It was first propelled by the Acid Cigar line by Drew Estate like the ones found here.

Price Points

By understanding how/when to select a fine cigar, you won’t be wasting money. For example, pairing a milder option with a dark malt is an unwisely squander of your funds, as the taste of the smoke will be overwhelmed by what you’re drinking. By understanding when to splurge, when to hold back, and how to make the most of those elegant, more expensive cigars you own, you’ll find that the times you light up are absolutely “worth it.”

For a non-infused cigar, $4 to $10 buys a quality stick that will provide a great experience if properly lit. This price can be reduced significantly if the cigars are bought by the box (which requires a proper humidification setup). For an infusion, a quality cigar will cost $6 to $12 to have quality experience.

Have any suggestions on what works for you when finding the “right” cigar? Share in the comment section below!