When you buy cigars online, you want to be certain that you get what you pay for. No one wants to throw away their hard earned money on something fake. SoloCigars.com is the leader in fake and counterfeit Cuban cigars, and has been since they launched their website in 2005.

The owners of SoloCigars continue to create fake accounts on cigar forums, and other cigar related websites only to deceive people that their company sells the real deal. They will go as far as posing as a customer, and leaving fake reviews about how great SoloCigars is. There is nothing real about this outfit.

They are based out of Panama City, where apparently selling knockoff items is legal.

Here are some clear giveaways that they sell fake Cuban cigars:

  1. Prices are way too low. For instance, check out the Cohiba Sig IV – click here. They are selling it for $382.00. Finding a box of these for under $700.00 would be a rare find! The fact that their prices are more than 50% less than what everyone else sells Cuban’s for is a clear indication they are fake. Would you pay $500 for a $5,000 Rolex?
  2. Shady practices – the owners of this company will pretend they are customers by posting fake reviews about how great and real the cigars are.
  3. They sell too many rare cigars and seem to have quite an abundance of them. Again, always 50% less than what they should be.

Here is what others are saying about SoloCigars:

We could go on and on about how SoloCigars is fake, however we’ve given you enough information to base your own opinion. If you need more information, go to Google and search “solocigars.com” and see the many references to this fake company.

Our recommendation is to stay away from this company. There are plenty of legit Cuban cigar retailers out there. Don’t waste your money on something fake, it’s just not worth it. If you can’t afford real Cuban cigars, then stick to non-Cuban’s.