Authenticity confirmation needed (Cohiba, Partagas, Montecristo)

Discussion in 'Cuban Cigar Forum' started by dannykcha, Apr 11, 2012.

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    May 1, 2009
    Maybe he got them in a strip club? Hey, it's been known to happen to guys here! :whistling: :)
  2. dannykcha

    dannykcha New Member

    Trust me. I do read, read, read, and read some more. I watch videos, read cigar related news/reviews/blogs/m-boards daily, to the point where it's "obsessive".

    Before doing much research and began smoking last year, I couldn't tell you much.. But for the past several months, I've invested thousands of hours and $, learning and educating myself about everything I could, buy/smoke/collect any cigar that I can, and more. I feel that I am VERY knowledgable, given the time I've been a cigar smoker, just not as much in the ISOM department w/ tons of first-hand, hands-on experience like I've had with NC's.

    But in this case, i HAVE done my research to the best of my ability of whats available out there, but just wanted a second opinion. Alll of the info/signs from doing research (on cigar bands and updates, prices, production dates/releases, what to look for, raised lettering/etc,, rows/shape/size of dots, gold foil, spaces in-between the tops and bottoms of certain areas, the possibility of rebanding, and especially taste/aroma/burn/etc)regarding ISOMs) still led me to be "questionable". That is why I ask. =)

    I paid right around what they go for in legitimate market (but I got some at a better deal on some when buying a lot at once, because I've spend thousands at his store). CoRo-$15, Monte #2-$15, PSD4/PSP2-$15, 1966-$35ish, Siglo VI-$20-25.

    Once, I questioned the shop owner about a Siglo VI I had bought/smoked prior due to the banding, and gave me another one at a big discount to try again, but I was still not 100% convinced due to the flavors didn't seem "right.". When I smoked a Monte #2 at his place a week before/after, it was spot-on. That's what makes it more confusing.

    So that is why I asked you guys for your expertise with ISOMS.

    I figured that this is a forum to learn from each other, get to know each other, and help each other out, no?

    By the way, measuring the sizes against what is listed officially online, they're pretty much spot-on.
  3. dannykcha

    dannykcha New Member

    Noted. I usually have them rightt around 65 by the time I smoke them, but store/age them at a constant 68. I'll definitely keep that I mind though and keep several sticks at 62 and see how I like them. Thanks!!

    Btw, I use: to think that 72ish was where I liked them, real moist, until every cigar starting tasting so damn bitter I found myself tossing quite a few cigars out after the first 1/3rd. Leaned the hard way... Hahahah.
  4. MoeCizlak

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    Sep 21, 2007
    It doesn't strike you odd that a cigar merchant is selling an illegal product?
  5. mmburtch

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    Oct 11, 2006
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    So the best price I can find from a legitimate online dealer for the 1966 is $54.

    You're buying Cuban cigars over the counter in the US for less than they should cost. If you've done your research... ;) ... you know your answer.
  6. thechenman

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    There is only one true solution for this and that is to find a CC vendor that you can trust who delivers product that is unquestionably authentic. Why take the risk with your money. If you question the person/store/company supplying you with your CCs or the authenticity of their product...I would say it is time to move on. Peace of mind goes a long way towards enjoying your purchases.
  7. mmburtch

    mmburtch Sleep deprived and cranky

    Oct 11, 2006
    Denver, Colorado
  8. MoeCizlak

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    Sep 21, 2007
    Yes he was. ;)
  9. chiefmd

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    IMHO, still being a newb as well...don't be so eager to get a hold of CC's or HTF's. If you stick around here and make friends you'll get more than you realize.
  10. tone-ny

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    Nov 24, 2004
    Asked and answered, I would stick to NC's from now on.
  11. insight

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    Aug 24, 2006
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    PM me the name of the shop. This isn't the first time bogus Cohiba 1966s have showed up in an LA shop, lest we forget Limor.
  12. dannykcha

    dannykcha New Member

    Thanks for he help guys. I definitely do my research now. These were just purchased when I first started smoking and didn't know much and/or do my research.

    Thanks again everyone!

    Btw, obviously the 1966 seem counterfeit, but how about the CoRo? That one seemed the most legit to me out of the bunch after doing all tje research, checking our the actual box/codes/etc.
  13. Joebiech

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    Sep 11, 2006
    Santa Ana, CA
    Could I also get a pm of the vendor. You seem to be in my area and I would like to know what shops to avoid.
  14. Gavin

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    Oct 30, 2009
    Murrieta, California
    They don't even look like they're triple-capped. The VI certainly isn't.
  15. dannykcha

    dannykcha New Member

    Any feedback on the #2 or Lusi? These would be the remaining ones from the same box and they smoked/tasted AMAZING.

    Btw, I tried a RyJ Churchill I bought from the same place today. Let's just say I decided to try something else midway through.
  16. dannykcha

    dannykcha New Member

    Reason being I haven't been back to his shop for ANYTHING in months. Definitely left a bitter taste in my mouth for quite some time now, while wondering about the authenticity.
  17. MilesMingusMonk

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    Nov 17, 2003
    If the Cohibas are suspect, you must conclude all other cigars from this ridiculous "source" are false as well.

    This scenerio has played out many times on the forums over the years, with the buyer grasping at every last straw in hopes that maybe...just maybe... their cigars are the real deal.
  18. dannykcha

    dannykcha New Member

    I decided to try one of the 1966s in question just now (the one of the three bought from a different box than the other two) since I had 1-1.5 hours or so to kill and couldn't decide what else to smoke.

    Anyways, lets just say that I am/was surprised, in a good way, to say the least.. I found it to indeed have a triple-cap (although very hard to tell without a little deconstruction) long-filler/filled, perfect draw/bunch/roll, definite CC flavors, and it is/was GOOD. Good to the point where I would smoke it daily. Weird.

    Reminded me of a really good Johnny-O mixed with a PSD4 with more strength. Really strange...

    I'm going to try smoking the other two (both from the same box, with the more mottled-looking wrappers) and see what I get. And just in case you're wondering.. no, it's not just because I want/wanted to think that it was good to make me feel better. It really did/do smoke/taste/burn/etc VERY well!). I'm almost thinking a rebanded, custom-rolled CC, if anything.
  19. siriusstoogie

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    Nov 23, 2005
    Monroe, NY
    Dude, wake up! Unless you're the one who re-banded these sticks it's fugazzi! No one whose goal is to profit from sophisticated palate newbs like you will take the time to use custom rolled Cubans. You have been given a lot of slack here at CP. Caveat Emptor, do not buy, trade or do a pass for CC or non-CC from this newb! ENOUGH ALREADY!

    Edited to add: for those who think that I am being too hard on this newb, save your breath!
  20. dannykcha

    dannykcha New Member

    Woah, woah, woah, relax~~ I never said that any of them were real, not once, not even after smoking it. Why do you think I asked about all of this in the first place? I just said it smoked well. Trust me, I've accepted that these are counterfeit awhile ago.

    As to you deciding to have your period all over your keyboard over a simple thread, I asked a simple cigar-related question and mini-review (if you even want to call it that) on a CIGAR MESSAGE BOARD. I asked for knowledge and help from those with more experience than me. I shared what I thought about a CIGAR. Isn't that the point of a cigar-related message-board? I just asked some questions, learned some new things, shared my experience, and THAT'S IT. So maybe YOU should "save your breath".

    If sharing my thoughts on the cigar was a reason to freak out, then I'm sorry. Otherwise, I don't see why "OH MY GOD!! DON'T TRADE/SELL/BUY/PASS from this guy!!!l" needs to be said at all. Did I try to sell/trade these, or even give them away? Why would I even think of putting up posts, asking for help like this, then go and try to sell similar items. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. That's like putting up flyers saying you're a serial-killer and them asking people to hang out and get to know each other.

    I've bought/sold/passed plenty of times without a problem and I would NEVER even think about selling/passing ANYTHING even remotely questionable/damaged/etc. You can ask everyone I've dealt with here, at Wade's, etc and they'll tell you I'm as honest as they get. I've done tons of transactions without any issues, and never sold anything I didn't know 100% about. I'm not that type of person.

    Once again, I never said that "it has to be the real thing!!!l". All I said that it was a good cigar with Cuban taste (many fakes have Cuban tobacco in them, hence computer comment/s).

    There are A LOT of people out there, including myself, who would buy or have bought plenty of these things at $35+ thinking they were getting something special (especially because they look real to the untrained eye, it got/gets a lot of hype, because they smoke well and taste good, causing them to think they're the real thing and buy more.). It's called the black market. Not the "Cry about another guy never saying his cigars were real and sharing what his thoughts like people on message-boards usually do" -market. So "save it". I know they're fake. I learned from the nice folks here and accepted it awhile ago, but they smoked well. That's all. And the reason I asked about the Lusi and #2 was not to hold onto every last thread, but to learn more from everyone since most of the focus was on the Cohibas.

    To everyone else, thanks for all your help! I'll definitely be more careful next time, and will make sure these never go anywhere. Trust me.

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