Cain F, and the Cain F Tour 2010 w/ Sam Leccia

Discussion in 'Manufacturers' started by IanHummel, Feb 11, 2010.

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    Aug 6, 2007
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    Cain F will start shipping Mid-March. Same blend as the robusto 5-packs, but will be in the standard Cain sizes (550,654T,660).

    The Cain F Tour 2010 takes off in March. Sam Leccia will be touring the country once again. He'll be bringing along special Cain and Nub samplers that both will include a Cain F blend in a Nub size for those to sample. We will also be featuring Cain Energy Drink which we may be mixing with another ingredient for those guests of age. :)

    This is going to be yet another AWESOME year for events. Hope everyone can make at least one! Were piecing together dates currently and will be posting them on as they're booked.
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    Thanks for the update Ian, it'll be great to see Sam again as well as Rick Delia our New York Oliva Rep........ :) :thumbs: :cool:

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