Cohiba Behike 52

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    Aug 30, 2006
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    The Cohiba Behike is a beautiful cigar in every sense and category. The construction is perfect. The color of the wrapper is perfect. The draw is perfect. The cap is perfect. It is a gorgeous cigar- one that somebody spent considerable time on. I enjoyed this cigar in a cigar bar in a faraway land of much desert sand. There was nice piano music in the background, the leather chairs were inviting and the rum was a good accompaniment.

    I snipped the cap with my cutter, and took a pre-light draw. I usually don’t pay attention to the pre-light draw taste, but with a cigar like this, I felt compelled to take note of it and its slightly cardboard taste. With that, I lit the BHK with some matches and puffed effortlessly on it to get it lit.

    The first third was medium in every sense of the word- body, flavor and strength. I tasted a little bit of pepper, very slight bit of cream and a tad bit of wood. All of these flavors were very smooth and consistent and all three worked together in harmony, not one over took the others in terms of power.

    The second third continued to maintain the razor sharp burn. The cream started to become more predominate and towards the end of the middle third, thought the pepper was gaining strength.

    The last third needed a slight tough up to correct the burn, but I think that may have been attributed to an air vent above me. The cigar began to get hot and harsh, but after setting it down for a few minutes, the heat and harshness went away completely and I was rewarded with sweat cream and pepper. I finally had to put down the cigar once the nub got below an inch.

    This cigar is amazing and delicious. Its everything you look for in a cigar. If you have a chance, some it. My only criteque is that I wish it was a bit stronger.
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    Jan 13, 2012
    Thanks! I need to stop reading these...
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    Thanks for the review of a stellar cigar!
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    i want to know what sweat cream tastes like............or maybe I don't!

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