Esteban Carreras Chupacabra Hellcat Toro Grande (6 1/2 x 54)

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  1. MX

    MX T (roll)

    Esteban Carreras Chupacabra Hellcat Toro Grande (6 1/2 x 54)

    Had the chance to smoke one of these last night at a Cigar Tasting event last night here in Colorado Springs.

    Over all not a bad cigar for the price (free).

    Pre-Light: NO-NONE-ZERO pre light aroma, super toothy dark chocolate coloured wrapper with a shag foot and pig tail. Really good construction, pre-light draw was super tight.
    The draw made it a bit harder than it needed to be to light.

    1/3: Nice distinct burn line, i like it when you good that nice black line around the cigar. It is still super tight on the draw, producing little smoke because of this, and I had to pace myself because of the draw or risk getting it to hot. Light leather and hints of earth and wood.

    2/3: Second verse same as the first. Started to cone on me, so I had to slow down. Also purged at this point and opened up a slight toffee note.

    3/3: At long last it opened up. All the flavours noted above finally came alive and asserted them selves. The last 3rd was a real pleasure to smoke, to bad it too so long to get there.

    At the 1/2 mark a noted to my friends I was with that the cigar felt either young, or fresh off the truck. After talking with he owner - he had just got the cigars in the day before....(backorder)

    Final notes: 75/100 because of the draw. If I was smoking this one at the house it would not have lasted past the first inch, I don't have time to fight cigars anymore...I would not be opposed to trying this again, if I had time to let it rest for a month or so. Also, never been a fan of the box press, but this one was done well.

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