Fakes, seconds or what?

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  1. Neal

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    Sep 25, 2016
    my daughter just came back from Cuba and brought me back a couple of boxes of cigars. I had asked her for R&J wide Churchill’s and monte 2’s.Before she left I told her to buy only at LCDH-and nowhere else. But alas, she was in a “gift shop” in Cifuentes that was selling many different types of cigars for 200 cuc’s per box and bought a box each of what she thought were wide Churchill’s and monte 2’s.

    Neither box was dated nor coded; the seals on both boxes had not been broken; the colors of the cigars in both boxes were not as consistent as they should be but not dramatically so; there were slight blemishes here and there; not all the bands were lined up; and the caps on many of the cigars (all of which were pyramids) had slight bulges. The R&J logo covered only 1/3 of the cover and the rest was white; the monte2 printing looked good.

    The R&J’s of course were not wide Churchill’s as they were pyramid shaped, and were too long and wide to be belicosos. They were however the exact size as the R&J Anejados that I have in my humidor. The monte 2’s were more consistent except for the bulges in the cap.

    Upon smoking them, I was stunned at not only at how good they were, but how consistent they were with the “real” thing as I did a comparison with those in my humidor. The only difference I could detect was that the Anejado shaped R&J’s did not have that full aged nutty taste. Otherwise they fit the profile very well as did the monte 2’s.

    Obviously theses are not ‘regular” production. Normally I would think they were seconds, but I didn’t think there were Cuban seconds.

    Any thoughts?
  2. CigSid

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    Jan 25, 2014
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    You answered your own question... they are obviously fakes. The good thing is... you enjoyed them!

    They were purchased in Cuba, so most likely Cuban tobacco. They “could” have hair, rat feces or other undesirable contents rolled with the tobacco. (Very common for factory workers to sweep up the floors and keep the scraps and everything else that was in the trash) What I would do? Cut up a few from each box and carefully examine the contents. If it is just tobacco, smoke away... if you see any nasties, then throw away :)
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    Dec 8, 2008
    Or what.
  4. jfields

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    Jan 25, 2007
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    Bill pretty well covered it Neal. Any chance you can post any pictures? You have my curiosity piqued.

    I’ve disposed of the majority of my fake Cuban cigars, but I did keep one box. They smoke pretty damn well and the tobacco was not garbage from what I could see when I dissected a couple. I really enjoy them when I’m out in the yard, want a good smoke, but don’t want to feel guilty about being wasteful.
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  5. BlindedByScience

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    Bill covered the subject perfectly. Only thing I'll add is some Cuban "fakes" are actually pretty darn good farm rolled smokes, while some have unmentionable filth contained inside. Bill nailed it; cut a couple open and examine the contents. If it looks reasonable, enjoy them for what they are....which is a pretty good smoke.
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  6. Neal

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    Sep 25, 2016
    Took up CigSid on his advice to cut a few open and examine. The good news is they were all “clean” of foreign substances. However, the “R&J’s”were all made with short fillers. The “monte 2’s were all made with long fillers.
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