Finally something that fixes Cigar Draw problems


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Lsst year I was net surfing when I stumbled on this little invention, it was pricy at almost $40.00, being frugal, having another brand of draw tool that kind of worked, plus a DYI invention that kind of worked I did not spend the almost $40.00.

After the first of 2018 I returned to the inventors web-site still fighting with over packed Cigars, plus Cugar that were plugged, and general draw problems. Kazan the invention has a price drop to just under $25.00, and I started looking seriously at the inventor web-site again.

I decided to jump in and order "The PerfecDraw Tool", it arrives a few day later, and sits for a few days as I want to rewatch the instructional videos.

Well I had these 10 Oliva Series V's - Torpedos that I battled with one to smoke, after finally get it to kind of smoke I put the other nine away in a humidor fustrated.

So I go get one of the remaining Oliva Series V Torpedo's, cut the cap off, and it is like sucking on a PVC Pipe with a Cap on one end, NO DRAW.

I use the PerfecDraw per instructions, only going in about 1/2", test draw, have some draw, but still not satisfactory. Back in the original hole I go this time about 1", when I with draw the tool, like in the video bit of Tabacco come out, and fall down.

So now I test the draw again, it is good, like the Series V, it smokes wonderful. I have had this invention like 90 days, and use it to fix, improve draw on maybe 50% of the sticks I smoke.

Cost is like I said about $25.00 + reasonable price for delivery. Cost it about the cost of a very good Cigar, or a couple of pretty good Cigars. So I it not pricy.

If you never have Cigars with Draw Problems, just ignor this post. If you interested, Google PerfecDraw Cigar Tool, and you will find the web-site, videos, order info. Got questions? Use the e-mail link on the web-site, they answer question very fast.

Invented by a Cigar guy from California, if the PerfecDraw's Business End reminds you of something like a Dental Tool you have seen, could be as the inventor is a retired dentist.




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I actually searched, and did not find that post you linked. Those tools back then from what I understand had a pocket clip, like a ball point pen. That apprently was generation I.

Now they do not have the pocket clip, the handle end is Hex shaped for better grip, apprently the cutting, and pulling teeth have been modified to work better. So the newer one is generation II, and priced lower.


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The first one I got that was remotely close to the Perfect Draw was something from Thompson Cigar about 13 or so years ago. Honestly, a bamboo skewer would have worked just as effectively (or ineffectively) at a fraction of the cost. Wish I had the perfect draw when I was struggling through and chucking all of those 2000 ish Cuban cigars I took a chance on.

Just wanted to show you that thread. Never stop posting stuff like you just did. :cool:

We need fresh membership and a fresh take on any and all subjects. No one is going to beat you up on doing something that’s already been done. Thanks for adding value to the forum.


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I was recently gift (1) Liga Privada T - 52 Churchill Size, I knew it was a pricy stick. But after straight cutting its draw was not good. The $15.00 + Stick was saved by inserting the PerfectDraw about 3/4" - 1", cutting a channel, removing some tiny bits of tobacco, opening up the tightness.

After the tool or helper was used the Liga Privada turned into a wonderful hour plus of Cigar smoking pleasure.

It also work well on price point (cheap) sticks that are pack tight, plunged, or what are sold as seconds. Help make the draw better, increasing pleasure.


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I love mine as well... And I am so glad I kept all those boxes from 99 to 01. With this tool, I can smoke (most) of these tent pegs...


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I love mine as well... And I am so glad I kept all those boxes from 99 to 01. With this tool, I can smoke (most) of these tent pegs...
I just dug up some Punch Ninfas from that era...if this tool makes any difference with THOSE I will be absolutely amazed. We'll see...


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Well my bottom line on the product is it works, it beats the other products on the market that don't work as well, or at all. IMHO

Education is free on the web-site as there are several good U-Tubes if you are willing to invest the time to watch & listen.

Also the Cigar Review Guy "Glenn" does like a 30 minute comparison between two product, and endorses the PerfecDraw.

IMHO this product works as advertised, it works for me, it is priced affordable, and last if you smoke Cigars you need some sort of draw help tool. That bores a channel & removed bit of Tabacco to make a a Cigar draw better. Solution = PerfecDraw.


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Yep, going to have to get this tool. I have some Cohiba Red Dot that could be used for foundation and reinforcement. Great thread.

My suggestion would be also to order their PerfecRepair Glue also, it works very very well. Something you don't use everyday, but like a bullet proof vest, can be a life saver. Besides if you order both I believe get you FREE FIRST CLASS POSTAGE. So the Glue is really cheap than.

Two products/cigar smoking accessories that do as advertised. FYI if you order the Glue, it does not dry perfectly clean, sort of milky but it works wonders.


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I have the Modus cigar tool and really don't like it. It is nice to have an option when when I have a plugged cigar, but I find it to be large and cumbersome.



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I have the Modus cigar tool and really don't like it. It is nice to have an option when when I have a plugged cigar, but I find it to be large and cumbersome.


I am not sure what generation your are talking about Gen I with the backward slots in shaft, or Gen II with the Harpoon Tip "M" Tool. I had a Gen I is did not do much, friend owns a Gen II, I tried it, it was nothing special.

The PerfecDraw IMHO does the trick, as it has two sets of teeth to do two jobs. Number 1 cut as it bores in, then Number 2 grab bits of Tabacco making air channel.

If you watch the Video on the PerfecDraw web-suite you can see the bits of tabacco falling into the White Ashtray for demo purposes. Problem poking a hole with say a nail, tooth pick, etc. Ity closes up when the Cigar heats up, and expands.

Also watch Glen from Cigar Obsession comparison video. Where he review two tools, for top draw tool.

Most gadgets do not excite me like lighters, and cutters. As most lighter make fire, and most cutter do a acceptable job, most of the time. Some better then others.

This is a unique PerfecDraw invention to help Cigar smoker get more enjoyment out of tight, overpacked, or plugged sticks just does as advertised.

Finally something for 25 bucks that actually works.