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Discussion in 'Humidor Forum' started by ironpeddler, May 17, 2018.

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    I just thought I would pass this on as I have gotten away from beads in my coolerdors because of the mess they leave as I would search through them looking for a specific box of cigars to move to my Aristocrat. I went back to the 4oz gel jars about 2-3 years ago and they've performed admirably keeping them at a consistent 68-70%.

    To my know how the gel gets brown & funky after a while? I would replace them when they would and buy new ones for about $10 to $12 each. I would keep the old ones, throw out the gel, disinfect them, and then use them for beads. But when I bailed on the beads, I had a few empty ones available.

    While looking for some new 4oz jars...I stumbled across these on eBay. It's a packet of the water crystals in their dry form. Just one ounce of them fits perfectly in the empty 4oz jar once you add distilled water...and they're only $6 for the bag with free shipping.

    Works for me in applications where there is a lot of action and movement where beads don't work as well.
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    Good post. I bought some of those water beads and use them for that purpose in one of my humidors. They work pretty well.
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    That is the wonderful thing about people sharing ideas, we have opportunities to learn things we did not know about.

    I would guess 50% of the people reading this forum never become members, they just come to lurk, and learn.

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