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    Good morning all, the coffee is on and it's "Hump Day". The Hudson Valley had a tornado / micro-burst roll through yesterday and did some major damage in certain areas. Neighbors around us had trees down and all, knock on wood that it missed us this time:
    The Yankees game got suspended after 5 1/2 innings last night, the game will resume at 1705 (5:05 pm) today with a score of 3 - 3. Enjoy your day everyone and definitely be safe out there...... ;)
  2. Good morning, it is cool out doos in the Valley of the Sun, it cleaning day, then back to my current book, and Cigar time. Already working on coffee.
  3. stogieman

    stogieman " Herf King "

    Good morning all, the coffee has been on for a while now and it's still raining despite the weather guessers at NOAA saying it was going to stop at 0300. Yankees got rained out again and are off tonight. The Mets got pummeled yesterday 12 - 1 after they shellacked the Blue Jays 12 - 2 the day prior. Tonight at Hudson Valley Cigars / Schlesinger's Cigar Bar, there will be a Perdomo Event with all sorts of specials, tasting and complimentary eats:

    Hudson Valley Cigars would like to invite you to our first outdoor Cigar Event of the year FEATURING: PERDOMO CIGARS ( on the beach) on Thursday, May 17th between 5-9 pm.

    Some of the cigars featured will be Champagne, Bourbon Barrel, 12 year and ESV plus many more.

    Buy 4 get 1 plus raffle ticket; Buy 10 get 3 plus hat plus 3 raffle tickets; Buy a box(mix or match) get 8 and a cigar lighter and 8 raffle tickets

    Music By Harrison Street
    Free Liquor tasting
    Lots of free appetizers

    Please come and join us. Thanks, Peg

    Enjoy everyone and hope to see the local S/BOTL this evening........ :)
  4. Well I working on a Ava Maria, and cup of black coffee. Did notice your invite to tonight gala, but the drive for me should have started a week ago.

    Hope you draw a good crowd, have fun, and last get some deal on Perdomo Cigars.
  5. stogieman

    stogieman " Herf King "

    Good morning everyone, the coffee has been on since 0420 as always and it's Friday. We had a great time last night at Schlesinger's; the food, cigars, music and all was top notch. It was great seeing a lot of my good friends come out and all. Sports wise this weekend, the Yankees are in Kansas City for a 3 game series, the Mets are at home taking on the Arizona Diamondbacks and the NASCAR drivers are in Charlotte, NC. Enjoy your weekend all and smoke a favorite or two or....... :D
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