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Discussion in 'Cigar Reviews' started by Nowhereman, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Nowhereman

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    Sep 9, 2017
    I have ten of these that have been patiently waiting in my humidor for about a year.
    Last night, I decided to take one out and give it a test run.
    Jas Sum Kral is a "boutique" cigar company. They produce a number of Vitolas in their line.
    This is the Red Knight in robusto.
    Build is first rate with a nice tight pigtail on the foot.
    The cap is beautiful to look at and there are no visible seams in the wrapper.
    I used a Cuban Crafters cutter in two steps.
    1, to cut the pigtail off and once again to trim the cap.
    I was given a near perfect cold draw that showed some pepper and spice.
    First light I received a nice dose of the same but, it faded very quickly and was replaced with vanilla and leather.
    The burn was very nice with just a slight wavering in the burn line but not remotely enough to consider a touch up.
    As it progressed into the 1st third I got what was a slight caramel finish with of all things, dark cherry but again, nothing hitting hard.
    More of the slight spice / and pepper, a white pepper actually.
    I think the background vanilla that was there through the whole smoke kept things tamed and blended very nicely.
    The smoke output was decent but not exceptional until the last third where it put out a ton of it.
    All the time this cigar gave me the same layers nicely put together and enjoyable without any upfront hellos in your face type of things.
    A civil smoke that keeps your attention and after, your happy you smoked it and want to do more.
    The balance was so nice that I would rate it a medium / full but not a complete full like some others have quoted.
    The time in the Humidor was good for it and I have been rewarded in my patience with an excellent addition to my smoking collection.
    Price is reasonable also.
    If your into "boutique" brands as I am this is one you should try.
    These small firms have a lot to offer.

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  2. thinde

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    Feb 24, 2008
    First off let me say; I'm by no means an English major!

    Whats up with the adolescent typing style? This isn't Twitter. Befreebern questioned it in another thread and I have to agree. Most of us are adults and some of us are older than that. When writing you really should try and write as you would a college paper or a letter to a friend, or course that art is dead. This one line writing style is deffinetly distracting and (IMHO) decreases the credibility of anything you have to say.
    This is just my option and we all know opinions are like asshole; everyone has one. There's a lot of great information in the archives of this forum. There's a lot of very intelligent people also on this forum. Search a little and get the flavor. There's more here than you can ever imagine.
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  3. Nowhereman

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    Sep 9, 2017
    Lets fix this thing real fast.
    You don't like what I write?, don't read it.
    If I happen to agree with an author on any subject, fine.
    If I don't agree, fine.
    What I will not accept is some punk ass arrogant POS, telling me how to write.
    Go find the biggest stogie out there and sit on it real good.
    The only adolescent thing in this thread is you.
    Go take a look in the mirror and see the biggest asshole in your immediate vicinity.
  4. Undegreed

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    Mar 21, 2012
    Colorado Springs, CO
    ...and so it begins.
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  5. Brickhouse

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    Apr 12, 2006
    Chatham, IL
    No, let's fix your shitty review real "really" fast.

    A. The foot of the cigar does not have a pigtail. The foot is the end you light. Are you saying you lit the end with the pigtail, or are you just saying you don't know the parts of a cigar? Either way, you're all fucked up.

    B. "White pepper" You picked up "white pepper"? Oh really. Pepper, spice, vanilla, leather, caramel, dark cherry....man, you're just an absolute stud when it comes to picking out flavors it appears. I wish I was as talented. My favorite is that you list this plethora of flavors and then say it's well balanced....yeah, sounds really well balanced.

    C. You were given some constructive feedback reference your review. If you post a review, prepare for feedback, either good or bad.

    D. Your childish reply is very reflective of your childish writing style. It appears thinde was spot on.

    E. That's a shitty fucking cigar. You can describe it all you want, making it sound like it's a nice boutique cigar. It's shit....it's a fucking shit cigar.

    F. You're free to get the fuck out.
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    Jun 22, 2004

    Tough guy.
    Do us a favor and leave CigarPass.
    You aren't welcome here.
    I pointed out your screwed up writing style, in your other thread.
    You chose to ignore it and continue on.
    LOL, you forgot "I know you are, but what am I".
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    Nov 24, 2004

    If you don't like the fire, then get out of the kitchen. You need to get out of here and find another venue for your foulmouthed diatribe. I've reported you and you'll be gone by today.
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  8. grateful1

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    Feb 6, 2006
    nowhereman, please listen...


    ....and if this is you, you seem to know how to write - but choose to ignore it.
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  9. bfreebern

    bfreebern Yada, Yada, Yada.

    Jun 22, 2004

    Nope, he still has a jacked up writing style, in those posts as well.
  10. BlindedByScience

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    ...arrogant? As in, completely unable to accept some criticism...??

    The LAST thing I'd do is show up at someone's house for the first time, put my feet on the table, then tear into them and tell them what to do, what to think, etc. And, essentially, that's what you've done here. Which is your loss as there is a ton of knowledge and information to be had here. But if you won't accept some criticism and do what you can to swim with the tide, to follow long established convention, then leaving sooner than later is best for everyone.

    Your choice. What you do and say next will tell much.
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    Looks like you stepped into a big ol pile of steaming horse shit...
  12. golfgar

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    "Lets fix this thing real fast." You just did.
    "What I will not accept is some punk ass arrogant POS, telling me how to write. "Punkass?" YOU won't accept, really? He was making a few observations and suggesting how to improve and you respond with the ignorant vitriol? Maybe it was in an effort to get more members to read your posts and respect your opinion. Your wrote this about someone who has never been a "punkass" and how would you know? Name-calling is juvenile at best and does not add anything to an discussion except inflammation by someone who can't conjure up a discerning salient point. Tom is a great member here and as of this post you are not.
    "Go find the biggest stogie out there and sit on it real good." Really, is that it, is that all you have? So clever and interesting. Why the outright aggression?
    "The only adolescent thing in this thread is you." Ahhh the old "I'm not you are" childlike retort, perfect fit for you.
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  14. cabaiguan juan

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    Aug 30, 2006
    Charlottesville, VA
    So was it good or not?
  15. Scap

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    Dec 1, 2012
    I was going to post the Dave Chapelle Show scene where he's playing Rick James, and puts his muddy shoes all over Charlie Murphy's couch, but he drops the N bomb, so you'll just have to Google it if you haven't seen it.
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    Jan 25, 2007
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    How'd I miss this!??!!??
    I had a feeling about this guy when he posted his introduction indicating he was going to share his wealth of knowledge and teach us all something.
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