Killer Beans Special!

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    Let's all enjoy some Killer Beans...even more so with this special of two outstanding beans!
    10% off of two of my finest beans, here they are:

    Guatemalan Antigua
    organic/shade grown - whole beans - dark roast - medium body
    This shade grown coffee is characterized by a bold sweet aroma. The flavor is rich yet mellow with excellent body. The beans are big, dark and oily. There are wonderful deep notes to the finish. You’re going to want even more after the first cup!
    Regular price $14.95 lb, $8.45 1/2 lb

    Medellin Mad Man
    organic/shade grown - whole beans - dark roast - full body
    These Colombian beans are the highest grade coffee available from South America. Full-bodied, very rich, very low acidity with caramel flavors throughout. Juan Valdez had nothing to do with these beans!
    Regular price $14.95 lb, $8.45 1/2 lb

    This sale ends on Friday, March 9th at midnight.
    Shipping via USPS is extra.

    Colombian & Guat.png

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