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    As most of you already know, Greg, a.k.a. Kingantz had to give up cigars recently due to some health issues. Over the last couple of years, I've read countless reviews by the most prolific and talented cigar reviewer on CP, and perhaps the internet. Buried in the thread in which he sold off his cigar collection was an offer to send (for free mind you) a tupperware container full of tobacco that he had home-grown, and the cigar he had rolled of it. The one condition was that the cigar had to be smoked, and had to be reviewed.
    I jumped at the chance, both out of curiosity and respect for Greg, and so this here is my attempt at fulfilling my end of the bargain. I'm no Kingantz, and I don't have the most sophisticated palate, but I can stumble through writing a review now and then. Below you will find a review without Greg's precise analysis of the flavor profile, nor his bevy of photographs, but hopefully it will serve as a bit of tribute.

    Kingantz Custom Roll
    Wrapper: South Carolina
    Binder: Not sure it has one.
    Filler: South Carolina
    Made in: South Carolina


    This is one ugly cigar. While I'm sure it wasn't rolled on Greg's virgin thigh, it's still roughly cigar-shaped, and I really had to guess at the ring gauge because of how severely pressed it is. It's about as squished flat as any cigar I've seen other than a Java Wafe I saw my wife smoke once. The color is a nice medium-brown, with some faint red. Veins are all over the place, but none of them are very large, and they shouldn't affect the burn. The foot is shaggy, while there isn't really a cap to speak of, just where the leaves have been cut.

    I fire up the cigar with a torch lighter, and immediately notice a very tight draw, which I attribute to how pressed the cigar is. It begins to burn remarkably evenly, despite its penchant for unraveling. My immediate impression of it is the smoke is very mild with an almost buttery taste to it. I think of Epernays as similarly buttery, and I wonder if this has to do with their mutual lack of ligero ( I assume). There is not a ton of smoke coming through, so throughout the smoke, I try to squeeze it into more and more of a round shape which seems to help a lot. The smell of the smoke coming off the foot is very pleasant and aromatic.

    After about an inch of the cigar, it goes out, so I relight, and this seems to forestall the unraveling problem I thought I was going to have. Flavors are still very light, with hints of caramel sweetness that I certainly was not expecting. Honestly, I wasn't expecting this thing to be good, but it's very inoffensive, at least.

    It seems like I have to relight once every inch or so into the cigar, but draw issues seem much ameliorated after I hit the halfway mark. Through the nose I get a hint of....corn? Greg, if you've ever grown corn on your property I'm going to be extremely proud of myself. Let me know. Regardless, there's a definite corn flavor to the cigar. Most surprisingly, right around the halfway mark I feel the little tingle in the gut that tells me that despite the super-mild flavor, there's strength to this cigar!

    With only around two inches left to my cigar it starts to change drastically. The flavors are deepening, and it has become more medium-bodied with some oak notes I'm really enjoying. Given that the draw has opened up, it's transitioning in my mind from a curiosity to a real cigar! My belly is rumbling now and then, which I find odd, because I've eaten today and my stogie hasn't seemed super strong. It's really sneaking up on me. There are some grassy flavors coming through now, but they're not bad. There doesn't really seem to be lots of layers to the flavors, more just one dominant flavor at a time. Early in the cigar it was butter, then corn, then oak, and now grass.

    I'm certainly puffing away at this cigar to keep it lit, and get enough smoke, and that's probably giving a feeling of greater strength since I'm power-horking it. With an inch to go, I do a final relight, and snap a second picture of it. No step by step burn pictures like you'd get from Greg. Face it, he spoiled us. In this last little bit of the cigar, it tastes a lot like radishes, with a sour edge to it that tells me it's time to let this take a nap in my ashtray.

    While a meager attempt at a review, I hope that in some small part, Greg, you get some satisfaction knowing that your cigar, made with your tobacco, was smoked, and in fact enjoyed. There's certainly nothing wrong with the tobacco. If some of your leaves found their way into professionally rolled cigars, no one would be the wiser. While I take cracks at your cigar rolling skills, it was still far and away better than anything I could do. Believe me, since you sent me the tupperware, I've tried on several occasions!

    I'd like to close with what I think CP owes you for an archive of great reviews: Thank you, Greg.
  2. donzz

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    Jul 19, 2008
    central Fl
    Nice review.Also,a fitting tribute to Kingantz.

  3. 2K6TBSS

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    Jan 12, 2010
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    Nice review. I think Greg will be happy with it.
  4. Bayamos

    Bayamos Casca, where are you now....

    Thanks for the review. I would speculate the filler maybe un-cut Burley. Am I close......
  5. Kingantz

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    Oct 6, 2007
    Hartsville, SC
    That was awesome Gavin! I slapped that thing together on a whim while putting the tobacco up. Set it on a table, put a cigar box on top of it and a book on top of that, which is why it was flat. It's really great to know it finally got smoked and wasn't in the trash on the first puff. Again, totally awesome review! Very much appreciate the kind words as well!

    Take 'em easy y'all!
  6. Joebunaga

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    Jul 10, 2011
    Great review Gavin!
  7. kona1000

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    Nice tribute.
  8. ChiTown_Huck

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    Jul 20, 2007
    Outside of Chicago
    Nice review and tribute!
  9. rbbrock

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    Apr 3, 2007
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    Thanks for the review, what a fun experience to have and share with the rest of us. C'mon, Kingantz, you told us how you made it, now tell us what kind of tobacco was in that thing!
  10. Fishin345

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    Nov 6, 2008
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    Nice review really well put together.

    So King did you ever grow corn?
  11. bfreebern

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    Jun 22, 2004
    Nice job on both accounts.
  12. BigJake6904

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    Dec 31, 2007
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    Corn? ...I'm surprised it didn't taste like a granola smoothie.

  13. bigmanfromou

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    Nov 30, 2008
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    Are you sure Greg didn't just send you a blunt of South Carolina's finest? :p
  14. lherzolite

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    Oct 17, 2008
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    Great review! I really enjoyed reading it.
  15. insight

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    Aug 24, 2006
    West of Disorder
  16. Kingantz

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    Oct 6, 2007
    Hartsville, SC
    :laugh: Y'all funny! No corn that year, soy bean I believe or maybe oats. No idea the tobacco as I planted several different kind and just didn't keep up with it. Only a handful of plants made it.
  17. duglynukem

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    It's a puro. Nice review. I only hope my attempt at growing and rolling will turn out to be "inoffensive" as well.
  18. kann

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    Apr 29, 2011
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    Very cool review, Gavin! I've always wondered what went into growing and rolling your own. I saw the thread that is stickied, but IIRC, it doesn't follow the process all the way through to the final roll. It's great that it was finally smoked, too! How much, uhhh... aging, was on that cigar, guys?
  19. Kingantz

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    Oct 6, 2007
    Hartsville, SC
    The tobacco's from 2008.
  20. ironpeddler

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    "I will roll no tobacco before it's time"...G. Lovelace

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