OR Arturo Fuente Anejo No. 55 (2000)

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    Close to 80F this morning with a very slight, soft breeze. Humidity is reading 91%, and I can feel it in the air, muggy. It’s going to be another scorcher today, mid to upper 90’s. I figured I’d have me a little something special this morning, an OR Anejo 55. I’ve smoked a number of these that have had anywhere from a couple years age to the most recent release and have found them to be a little too mild for my palate. Really good flavor and finish, but the body just isn’t quite there. I’m wondering if the amount of years on this one will have made the cigar’s body stronger, the same, or even more mild.

    There’s a nice yellow tint to the cello, looking at the cigar before taking it out looks to be in good shape, a few tiny white specks here and there. After carefully taking the cigar out the cello, I see there are a good many of the white specks that actually are easily scraped off with my fingernail. These are spots of old, dead mold. Ah well, I clean it up best I can because I’m smoking this cigar dagnabbit! :D

    The dark maduro wrapper looks like old, worn leather, is very coarse with veins throughout, and I can actually still see some oiliness to it. I slightly press the cigar with my fingers and find a tiny bit of give and a couple of soft spots that aren’t too bad. There’s a very good, solid weight in the hand and sniffing the foot, I get a really strong barnyard smell. I clip a small amount off the tapered cap at first and test the draw. No airflow. I keep clipping a little bit at the time, and after the fourth clip, I’m able to get some air to come through. Not as much as I like, however I’m hoping once lit the tobacco as well as the draw will loosen up. Cold draw taste is musty, has a flavor kind of like an old orange smells.

    I take my time lighting the foot, going slow and enjoying watching the tobacco begin to glow with orange embers forming, the smoke emanating from the smoldering tobacco is heavenly. After a few puffs and the smoking flowing well, take a slow, long draw. There’s a very faint spice coming through, hardly detectable, but there. The smoke itself is mild in body, however has a feel to it, thick and heavy on the tongue with a creaminess like I’ve never had.

    Usually, it takes time to hit the sweet spot on Anejos, at least that’s what I find. That certain rich twang, which to me is usually right around or close after the halfway point. That sweet spot on this cigar was from the very first draw. Incredible flavors of rich chocolate, vanilla bean, dark earth and wood come through in the thick and creamy smoke. I can’t even begin to describe the finish left on the palate, lasting long after exhaling.

    There’s a sharp burn with a strong, medium gray ash forming and the draw is working well, although still has a little too much resistance. At halfway, I find the spice actually picks up a notch with the smoke turning into a medium body, hitting the palate perfectly. It’s as described earlier, thick and heavy but yet oh so smooth and creamy with the rich chocolate and vanilla bean being the dominant flavor. The finish is, simply heaven.

    The burn did get a little off in the last half requiring a couple of touch ups, however nothing major. I finished up this incredible smoke, tremendously enjoying every last draw I could get. This was by far the best No. 55 I’ve smoked, just a perfect cigar in every way from burn/draw to rich, delicious complex flavors coming through in the mild to medium bodied smoke that was exceptionally thick and creamy with a finish that was out of this world. A perfect smoke to start off an awesome Father’s Day!

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    Greg, you dirty bastid!! :angry:

    That's ok though . . . I've got a bunch on the way too. :whistling:
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    :whistling: :whistling: :whistling:
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    I hate you Whistling Bastards.. :) I'm smoking one of the 49's I bought off you Lee....someday I 'll get hold of a nice old Anejo. Love these damn things.

    Once again nice review Greg!
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    Making my list here...

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    I smoked a 49 last night as well. I rarely smoke cigars this big, but I was at the lake and had plenty of time. I've only had the 46 and 50 before, and it seemed a bit less powerful than the smaller sizes. I've had some of those knock me on my ass with nicotine, so I approached with caution! Still it was rich and flavorful. I wish they weren't so hard to come by. I'm always impressed by how perfectly an Anejo burns and how long they hold an ash.
  7. CRQuarto

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    Jan 29, 2009
    Great review, Greg! Wonderful descriptions of what was obviously a wonderful smoke. I'm still smacking my lips thinking of that Anejo I had the other day. Again, thank you for that!
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    Yum! Nice review!

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