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    As you should know by now, I'm a big fan of Drew Estate's MUWAT KFC, so I was very interested when I stumbled upon this one while Flatbed was offering the 40% off e-coupon. I watched the review video (can be found in the discount thread), and I can somewhat agree with their take on it -- at least in relation to the MUWAT KFC, which is what I have to believe they were referencing as the "other" KFC they recently reviewed. So, here's my take on the Panacea KFC:

    First, this was a 5x50 robusto. The packaging it arrived in was well done: four cigars excellently packed in bubble wrap, inside a ziploc with a 69% humidity pack, inside a branded burlap sack. Very well presented, Flatbed. Very well done. The stick was nicely constructed with no soft spots.


    Pairing was a Crystal Light iced tea. I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt. :) I used a v-cut on it, and the pre-light draw was unobstructed, but unremarkable. I didn't get much from it besides a traditional tobacco note. It lit quickly and evenly, and produced a relatively crisp burn almost the entire time. I forgot to not the clock when I started, but I'm going to say it was a 45 minute cigar. I usually read when I smoke, but I really wanted to pay attention to this one.


    Now, the flavor profile... There's no mistaking a MUWAT KFC. Its "fire cured" nuance is in your face the whole time. You either like it, or you don't. I've come around to them and really love it. The Panacea KFC was much more subtle. It was almost a wood fire finish, as opposed to a real flavor on the draw. If the MUWAT KFC is sitting around the campfire on a summer night, the Panacea is the still-smelling-on-your-clothes-the-next-morning. I expected a bit more out of it, to be honest.

    As said, it burned nice and evenly. The cigar produced a lot of smoke and had a tight ash that held on until I ashed it, myself. I was tempted to see just how far I could take it, but didn't really want to drop it on myself.


    I did notice that there was a little bit of a dark, splotchy area by the band. Not sure if this is a flaw in the wrapper, or what. It didn't detract from the smoke, it's just something I noticed and thought worth mentioning since I'm snapping photos and doing a review. Not sure how well this photographed on my phone.


    About halfway through it and it's nothing special. I mean, it's not bad and I'd certainly smoke it again. But, it's just not what I was expecting with a KFC. Maybe I got used to it, but the "finish" notes kind of disappeared, and it was all tobacco at that point. Another substantial ash (it's not great in this photo), and still a lot of smoke, which I always like.


    When I attempted to de-band it, a small chunk of the wrapper came with it. It didn't seem to have any effect on the draw, as I drew with my finger over and off of the spot with no discernable difference in outside air attempting to get through. That is something I've noticed with all the Flatbed offerings I've tried so far: their bands are on there with superglue and a PITA to get off cleanly. This is the first one that ever really caused damage, though.


    In the final third the overall "fire cured" flavor returned, the strongest it had been the entire stick. If the entire cigar smoked like this, I'd have liked it a lot more. I ashed it again towards the end before I felt it was going to fall off on its own, and then stayed with it a little longer. Right at the end it seemed to start tunneling a little, and the draw became extremely hot, no matter how long I waited between, or how shallow and soft the attempt. At this point I called it a day.



    Overall, I can't complain. It was a solid smoke, it just was a bit underwhelming in what I was expecting in the "KFC" department. If you like the MUWAT KFC but it is just a bit too strong for you, the Panacea KFC might be a good alternative to try -- especially if they have a great discount again.
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    Great review, Kann. Another one on the list..
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    Great review! Beautiful looking cigar too.
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    Well done. Since I'm in the didn't care for the in your face KFC flavor much. I may be in the group of people who may prefer these. Thanks for the review. Great job!

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    Great review. I enjoy the smoky flavor in the Drew Estates KFC, too. Won't be looking at these.
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    Great review. I have some Flatbed cigars sitting in my humi right now. I will have to give them a try.
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