PANACEA Red, Grande 560

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    Jul 27, 2008
    Bucks County, Pennsylvania
    Hello Cigar Folks!

    I thought I would hop on this evening and give an update on PANACEA. I am enjoying a bourbon and testing a new blend...PANACEA Red, Lancaster. Being I reside in Pennsylvania, I think I need to make this cigar. It has a Pennsylvania Broad leaf maduro wrapper. Habano binder (Dominican grown), with Dominican and Nicaraguan filler. I like it, but it needs to roll age for a couple moths still.

    Anyway...the new cigar that IS available now - is the PANACEA Red, Grande 560. It is the same blend as the classic Red label, Maduro/Habano (that is out there now), but BIGGER and with it's own style Red label. We did not plan on making this size, but had tremendous we made it.

    560 was just received it into our warehouse today. It is avaible at now, and will be in Mr. Stogys, and Churchill's later this week.

    I have been doing events and tastings every week. Next up is the Capital City Smoke in Trenton, NJ. A night of cigars, music, drinks, friends, and music....right on the Delaware river. Info here:

    Last week I attended Senator Brubakers Cigar Caucus. He is working hard to preserve our craft and the right to enjoy fine cigars. As I always say...Herf On!

    We are looking to open up another 25-30 stores over the next few months. We have been buying tobacco and rolling for the last year. We now have capacity for the additional stores...without the risk of quality loss, or short shipping new or existing stores. If any of you know of retailers in your town(s) that would be interested in a new micro manufacturer, please let me know. If they open us get a box of PANACEA (your choice) free. My way of saying thank you. We do not advertise in any publications (we do some online adv.). Everything to date has been grass roots, word of mouth. The word of good cigars travels fast:)

    Thanks again for all your support!

    Paul Bush
  2. Rod

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    Jan 4, 2001
    Upland, CA
    Panacea has become one of my favorite brands, particularly the red label. I've already smoked through 1 1/2 boxes over the past month or so. Keep up the great work! Can't wait to try your new blends.
  3. MadMonk

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    Feb 21, 2008
    These sort of grow on you. I need more. :(
  4. Diesel Grinch

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    May 18, 2005

    Glad to see Satin Jacks started to carry your cigars. Haven't been it there for months. Will have to stop by and pick some up. It great that it worked out. I recommended cigars to Jack a few times. Sometimes it takes and other times it doesn't.


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