PSD4 BMP NOV 16-A gift from a fine BOTL

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    After last night’s review, I remembered how much I enjoy analyzing my cigars, so here is another.

    PSD4 BMP NOV 16


    A gift from a fine BOTL

    Exquisite and Medium to Full Bodied

    Prelight- Barnyard, spice, and sweet wood.

    Lit easily, some uneven burn at the beginning of the second third, but was easily resolved.

    First Third-Beginning with sweet spice and leather in the foreground. Faint hints of earth and sweet wood, maybe a very light trace of sandalwood, in the background. Flavors of coriander, nutmeg, paprika, and leather are in the spotlight at the 1 inch mark. The ash held on to just past 1 inch. At this point I made the slightest touch-up to correct a small uneven burn spot on one side.
    IMG_0427.jpg IMG_0432.jpg
    Second Third-Sweet wood moves to the foreground with cardamom and leather in the background. Light coffee notes are beginning to develop. Man this cigar is delicious! Coffee is beginning to mix nicely with the leather and spice and is becoming more pronounced. The cigar is beginning to show its strength. Coffee and leather move to the background and the spice is the star for now. The smoke is getting really creamy giving the flavor a strong spiced latte-like quality. Wow, I’m loving this bad boy! The sweet wood is returning, and mixing well with the coffee and spice. Faint hints of damp earth and leather are in the background. Nutmeg and cardamom, Turkish coffee, Mmm. The draw is perfect, billows of smoke pour out as we move into the final third.
    Final third-The spice is flowing and the sleeper has awakened! The strength has kicked up a bit, but the cigar is impeccably smooth. Spice and sweet wood are the dominant flavors. A bit of red pepper shows up, but only momentarily. The pepper is fleeting and mixes well with the other spices. It is taking me to the edge of power without becoming overpowering. The spices become the predominant flavors as we move toward the nub. Paprika and red pepper begin to dominate. Not a bit of harshness. Exquisite down to the nub.
    A sublime experience, almost perfection save the slight burn issue at the beginning of the second third. A beautiful cigar!


    EL C.
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    Reads like a Mark Twain novel. Excellent and compeling review.
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    Just what we needed, another with gustatory hallucinations.;) Cuban cigar smokers already think Americans are nuts. You can thank Cigar Aficionado and their trumped up cigar boom.

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