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Quad State Herf 12 - July 29th, 2017

Discussion in 'Cigar Herfs & Events' started by stogieman, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. stogieman

    stogieman " Herf King "

    3 more checks arrived yesterday: Paul (Tall Paul), Rob (Bayamos), & Chris (Diesel Grinch). You all are good to go and we'll see you in a couple of weeks........ :D
  2. thefatguy

    thefatguy TheFatGuy

    Sep 10, 2006
    Newburgh, NY
    Getting close!
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  3. stogieman

    stogieman " Herf King "

    2 weeks from today folks will be arriving and spending the weekend with us for this great "Cause"......... :D
  4. stogieman

    stogieman " Herf King "

    Less than a week away and things are looking very good. According to NOAA and the AccuWeather forecast, the weather guessers are calling for a sunny day with temps in the mid 80s.
    I do want to let everyone know, with the FDA having their hands in the cigar donations, the bags will be a little lighter this year. Not to worry, you will still have cigars to smoke all day.
    We will have a couple of cigar rollers at the event for all to enjoy fresh roll and there will be a few vendors as well. The sponsors have stepped it up with the raffle prizes so not to worry.
    As always, the BBQ will be top shelf, there will be plenty of bottle water on-hand to stay hydrated, soft drinks as well as beer, wine and whiskey tasting.
    For all you veterans, remember to bring your pop up canopy tents, folding chairs & tables, sun tan lotion, cameras, etc.
    If there's anything I forget, I'll update later. Enjoy your day everyone........ :)
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  5. Joemisery

    Joemisery Member

    Sep 13, 2009
    Highland, NY
    Charlie, is it okay if I pay when I arrive on Saturday? I didn't realize it was this coming weekend already. Thanks.
  6. stogieman

    stogieman " Herf King "

    Sounds good Joe, just see my wife Beth when you guys arrive...... :)
  7. stogieman

    stogieman " Herf King "

    I wanted to let everyone know that "Cigars for Warriors" will be set up with a tent again this year. They will be collecting cigars for our proud U.S. Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen serving overseas risking their lives to keep America safe. Being that the FDA is trying to stop all cigar donations, please go through your humidors and grab a few of those cigars that you have not smoked in a while and donate to the "Cause".

    For those that attended last year, the event is at the same location which is Lake Frederick Recreation Area. Here is their address for a quick reference: 1849 Lake Frederick Road, Woodbury, NY 10930
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