Quad State Herf 7 - Saturday, Aug 11th

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  1. stogieman

    stogieman " Herf King "

    After a few phone calls and a number of S/BOTL wanting to schedule their vacation, we have locked down the date for this year's Quad State Herf. It will be Saturday, August 11th from 1000 (10am) until dusk (roughly 2000/8PM) and the location is West Point's Recreational Area (Round Pond). It will be the same location as last year being that it was a big hit and all. It will be a day of relaxing, enjoying great BBQ (prepared by Sean Keever and his crew - Muzzle Brake BBQ aka: Big Guns BBQ) and a number of outdoor events, i.e., volleyball, basketball, horse shoes, fishing, swimming, paddle boating and much more. The recreation area is large enough to comfortably accommodate 200 - 250 guests.

    The cost to attend the Quad State Herf is the same it was last year, $50.00 per person (half for food and drink and the other half for the "benefit"). As always, the West Point Warrior Transition Unit (Wounded Warriors) will be the benefit of the event along with "Wings for Warriors" http://wingsforwarriors.org/. As always, each guest will receive a very nice "goodie bag" and there will be plenty of stuff being raffled off at the event.

    Below is a map of the area as well as Round Pond's website:



    The actual address for the area is: 1348 Round Pond Road, West Point, NY 10996.

    Guest & Sponsor Lists as of 3 Aug 12:

    Stogieman - Charlie Baranyai & Beth

    Brian Foley

    Keith Foley

    Sean Taxter

    Andy O'Rorke

    John Murray

    Sean Keever (Doin' the BBQ) + 6

    tony-ny - Anthony

    Set-In-Stone - Austen Miller + 1 dad (Bayamos - Robert)

    thefatguy - Ian Cowen + 2 (Ronnie Biscardi & Shawn Abrams)

    Shibumi - Jeff Kreisberg + 1

    rob300c - Rob Schmidt

    ironpeddler - Gary Roberti + 4

    thechenman - David Chen + 2

    MOBIG - Jesus Rivera

    Chris McCann

    badwhale - Will Hanson + 1

    craig - Craig Seko

    Irish79 (IrishRenegade) - Dan McCauley

    scottw - Scott Wolven + 2 (dad - Larry Wolven & Repo - John Veltri)


    asmartbull - Al Smarse

    Bxcigrfan - Pete (Gamaliel Vallejo) + 1 (Uncle George)

    Eddie Ortega - Ortega Cigars

    Madrican - Nelson Rodriquez + 1 (Ron Roddick)

    ilcchef2 - Ralph Croteau

    adresher - Andrew Dresher + 2 (Geoffrey Lawson & Dave Gugelev)

    Dusty - Dustin Schmidt (Torano Rep)

    Richard Healy

    TheCigarChick - Lindsay Heller

    uptown_isy - Israel Markevitz

    Sean Fitch

    BlindedByScience - Tom Larsen

    Tall Paul - Paul Harrison + 1 (Simon)

    Sal Vitiello + 3 (Mike Panzera, Mike Lopez & Ed Whalen)

    Nashkicker - Jim Nash

    MarkJr - Mark Maloney + 2

    Diesel Grinch - Chris Tognetti + 1

    Streetrod - Frank Maniscalco + 3 (Jeff, Nick & Mike)

    Bravo Lima - Bill Latta + 1 (John Monahan)

    Big Rich - Richard Nosek + 8

    Pitty - Jay Pittman

    Joebunaga - + 1

    Bayamos - Robert

    David Bourne

    Gary Junior - Gary Ricci Jr. & 1 (dad - Gary Sr.)

    Josh Woje

    Marco - + 1 (Ori)

    Noel Patrick Horkan

    Eric Driscoll - Christian Aliperti

    Quentin K. Crank

    ironmikecw - Curt Williams + 1 (wifey - Karen)

    Tim Becker

    David Lafferty - East Coast Manager for Drew Estates & JDN

    Jay Jaffee + 19

    Steve Jaffee

    Scotty - Eric Scott

    Delarob - Bob Dreibelbis

    Big Keith - Keith Sweitzer

    Rob Tompkins

    Sam Hauspurg

    Joe Cherny

    Big D - Francisco A. DioDonet

    Tazman (Tazman711) - George + 6

    Malcolm Johnson + 2 (Jon Johnson & Jeremy Decker)

    speedracer - Fernando + 3 (David Walencik, Tomasz Walencik & Adolfo Zagoya

    Bob Tishi + 3

    Light this! - Kristopher + 3

    Jarhead - Matt Cassidy + 5 (Mike Armstead, Billy Forten, Dave Ryan, Michael, Armond

    Dustoff - John Caolli

    NASTY - Los Berrios

    Doc - Anthony Ameen

    Lil' Joe - Joe Swartz

    Ruben Abreu

    Skywalker - Luke Pagan + 1

    Brian & Sara Woje

    Stacy & Gentry Pierce

    Robert Langley Jr. + 2

    Alan Glickman + 3 (Benny the Bugman + son - Christian & Jay Baker) (+1 $25 guest)

    Bruce Tuchman

    Cadet Eric Reder

    Hooko - CSM® George Anderson

    The Chief - Joe Colombo + 1 (Kurt)

    Cuban George + 1 (Elba)

    The Platypus - Brett Zeleznik

    Tony Jannotti

    Hyjix the Mule - David Schulman

    Roadie - George Rodecker

    Titan This! - Rob Martino

    Part Time - Rick Rammel

    The Don - Don Perretti

    Woodie - Steve Haas

    Danny (Captain Kayak)

    Vincent Fox

    Land Scaper - Paulie

    Doorman - Wilson

    Andrew Mitchell + 1 (tentative)

    Corrections - Marlin

    Ralph the Cop

    Tom Sgro

    Rob Granville + 2

    Barry - Louis Morris

    Sheri Olivieri + 2 (2 bags only) (Mike & Mo)

    Senator Bill Larkin & Guest

    Dominican Eddie

    Steamer - Dave

    slevy007 - Steve Levy

    Dominican Lou - Louis

    Joemisery - Joe Sorbello + 1 (Adam Paddock)


    Dee's 6 Guests

    Jay Jaffee's 2 Guests

    Brian the Marine - Brian


    Tobacco Village (Keystone_Raider) - Greensburg, PA

    J. Barbera Tobacconist - Garden City, NY

    Ortega Cigars - Sunrise, FL

    Butthead's Tobacco Emporium - Danbury, CT

    1st Class Cigar Humidors - Pompano Beach, FL

    Torano Cigars - Miami, FL

    Humidipak, Inc. - Wayzata, MN

    Lighters Direct - Forest Hills, NY

    Uptown Cigar Company - West Palm Beach, FL

    Cascade Cigar - Portland, OR

    Camacho Cigars - Miami, FL

    Ashton Distributors Inc. - Philadelphia, PA

    J&D Cigars - Miami, FL

    Cigar International / Cigar Bid - Bethlehem, PA

    Atlantic Cigar Company - Stroudsburg, PA

    Brotherhood Winery - Washington, NY

    CigarsOfHabanos - Hong Kong

    The Guayabera Lady (Berta R. Bravo) - Coral Gables, FL

    Ted's Cigars - Louisville, KY

    Joya de Nicaragua - Miami, FL

    Yuengling Brewery - Pottsville, PA

    Rodrigo Cigars, Inc - Bethel Park, PA

    Smokeinn, LLC - Florida (6 locations)

    La Flor Dominicana - Coral Gables, FL

    Humidor Minister (Bill Wyko) - Tucson, AZ


    Reinado Cigars (armhsmoker) - Rutherford, NJ

    Oliva Cigar Company - Miami Lakes, FL

    Miami Cigar Company - Miami, FL

    Finest Cuban Cigars.com - Hong Kong & Switzerland

    Pinar Del Rio Cigars - New Orleans, LA

    William Johnson - Las Cruces, NM

    Famous Smoke Shop - Easton, PA

    Crowned Heads - Nashville, TN

    Killer Beans & K. Dees Coffee - Lafayette, IN

    The Outlaw Cigar Company - Kansas City, MO

    Rushing Duck Brewing Co. - Chester, NY

    Palaia Winery - Highland Mills, NY

    Ruben's Smoke Stack - Hackensack, NJ

    Newburgh Brewing Company - Newburgh, NY

    The Gurkha Cigars - Miami, FL

    Drew Estates - Miami, Cigars

    Paul Jr. Designs - Rock Tavern, NY

    Cuban Crafters - Miami, FL

    Tower Pipes & Cigars - Sacramento, CA

    Kristoff Cigars - Chicago, IL

    Alec Bradley Cigar Company - Dania, FL

    (BoB) Staebell & Associates (Humidors) - Richardson & Garland, TX

    General Cigar Company - Richmond, VA

    La Palina Cigars - Washington D.C.

    As more info comes up, I will update this post....... :thumbs:
  2. tone-ny

    tone-ny I smoke therefore I am!

    Nov 24, 2004
    Did I win?

    I'm in Charlie!
  3. Set-In-Stone

    Set-In-Stone The Dude Abides

    Jun 22, 2011
    Upstate New York
    Charlie- Great news! We talked last year, but I was unable to attend. My dad (Bayamos) is a retired military guy, and we are both huge WestPoint fans. I am almost 100% positive that we are going to make the journey this year. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the information... Do we book reservations with you or on one of those links ??

    Go Army, Sink Navy !
  4. thefatguy

    thefatguy TheFatGuy

    Sep 10, 2006
    Newburgh, NY
    Charlie, don't forget to mention I will be selling (harassing everyone to purchase) raffle tickets to help the cause, so bring a few extra dollars for your chance to win some REALLY NICE PRIZES AND HELP THIS WONDERFUL CAUSE!
    Once again, thanks for putting this together year after year. Ronnie and I are in, we'll have to schedule our honeymoon after, lol.
  5. Shibumi

    Shibumi Looking for Effortless Perfection

    May 30, 2005
    Long Island, NY
    I'm In as usual Charlie. + 1 other. I'll be camping out again too.
  6. rob300c

    rob300c The Big Noobowski

    Oct 24, 2005
    noo yahk boibs

  7. ironpeddler

    ironpeddler Ye Old Newbie

    Apr 8, 2008
    Land of Snatch & Honey
    As always Charlie...we're in!

    ironpeddler - Gary Roberti +4
  8. thechenman

    thechenman No One of Consequence

    Jan 30, 2009
    New York
    Please count me in Charlie. Had a great time last year.

    thechenman - David Chen +2
  9. MOBIG

    MOBIG The best way to predict the future is to create it

    May 6, 2008
    Da Bronx, NY
    You know I'm in I'll give you my plus guest later.
  10. stogieman

    stogieman " Herf King "

    You guys are all good to go. No Anthony, you didn't win (yet)........ :D
  11. Chris McCann

    Chris McCann Well-Known Member

    Feb 5, 2010
    Wappingers Falls, NY
    Count me in, Charlie!
  12. khari

    khari Well-Known Member

    Sep 12, 2007
    I believe you can count me in, Charlie.
  13. stogieman

    stogieman " Herf King "

    You got it Chris, see you tonight at Schlesinger's........ :thumbs:

    Outstanding, it'll be great to see you again brother........ :)
  14. ironpeddler

    ironpeddler Ye Old Newbie

    Apr 8, 2008
    Land of Snatch & Honey
    Plenty of room here in Toms River... :thumbs:

    I recently spoke to our "other" buddy from the last QSH we all attended...should he be able to make it, we could recreate the whole experience once again...minus the SNOW!

    I miss those 3am smokes...

  15. adresher

    adresher New Member

    Dec 24, 2009
    Bergen County NJ
    Charlie, thank you for the add to the list......I will have two guests as I see Geoff Lawson is already on the list...Cannot wait....Map is a great add!!
  16. khari

    khari Well-Known Member

    Sep 12, 2007
    That was a good night, Gary!
  17. BlindedByScience

    BlindedByScience Proud Father of a brave U.S. Marine

    Jan 31, 2005
    Vancouver, WA
    ...what a motley crew...!!... :laugh: The best times, gents.

    I'm going to say "yes" and I'll pay for a seat at the table.....and make it happen, one way or another. Been too long. That, and Gary said he'd buy me all I can smoke and drink for a week, well, how could I pass that up... :p

    I'm in, Charlie...!!!
  18. stogieman

    stogieman " Herf King "

    Very good Andrew, it's always a pleasure brother........ :thumbs:

    Very cool Tom, it has been a long time........ :)
  19. khari

    khari Well-Known Member

    Sep 12, 2007
    Alright! It wouldn't be the same without you, Tom!
  20. Tall Paul

    Tall Paul "insecure little bitch"

    May 11, 2011
    Derry, NH
    Charlie I am in +1 my buddy Simon is going to make the trip over with me. Can't wait thanks for hosting this! :thumbs:



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