Quad State Herf XIII - August 4th, 2018

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  1. stogieman

    stogieman " Herf King "

    Well, it's that time of the year again where we announce the year's Quad State Herf - Wings for Warriors fund raiser. The date will be Saturday, August 4th, from 1000 (10am) until dusk (roughly 2000 / 8pm) and the location is West Point's Recreational Area - Lake Frederick (same location as the past couple of years). It will be a day of relaxing, enjoying great BBQ (prepared by Sean Keever and his crew - Big Guns BBQ) and a number of outdoor events, i.e., volleyball, horse shoes, swimming, kayaking and much more.

    The cost to attend this year's Quad State Herf is $75.00 per person (same as last year). The benefit of the event again this year will be "Wings for Warriors", http://wingsforwarriors.org/ as well as the "Hudson Valley Honor Flight", http:...//hvhonorflight.com/.

    As always, the first 225 guest will receive a very nice "goodie bag" and there will be plenty of stuff being raffled off at the event.

    Below is the address for Lake Frederick as well as their website:

    1849 Lake Frederick Rd, Woodbury, NY 10930



    Guest and Sponsor Lists as of February 13, 2018:

    Charlie Baranyai - Stogieman and Beth +10
    Sean Keever - Big Guns BBQ +10
    Jeremy Baranyai +1 (wife - Christen)
    Rick Nozek +10
    Ralph Facciano - Foch +3 (2 smokers, 2 non-smokers)
    Thomas Sgro - Tommy Tattoo
    Jay Jaffee +23
    George Quintano - Cuban George
    Joe Colombo
    Gary Phillips +2
    Don Perretti - The Don
    Paul Halayko - Newburgh Brewing
    Joe Swartz - Lil' Joe
    George Anderson
    Rick Rahmel - Part Time
    Wilson - Doorman
    Danny - Captain Kayak
    Jeff Kreisberg - Shibumi +3 (Mike Pavone)
    Matt Cassidy - Jarhead +27
    Fernando Serano - speedracer
    Francisco A DioDonet - Dee +9
    Marc Miller +5
    Alan Glickman +3
    Malcolm Johnson +3 & 3 non-smokers
    Bob Lippman +2
    Ron Liffman +4,
    Carlo DeBlasio +3
    Rob Weiss
    Ian & Ronnie Cowen - thefatguy +5 (2 more goodie bags)
    Mark Schindel
    Louis Barry Norris
    David Bourne
    Mark Steinberg - mrtapes
    Gary Roberti - ironpeddler +5
    Bob Ferris +13
    Paul Harrison - Tall Paul +3
    Jim Nash - Naskkicker +7 (Set-in-stone, Bayamos & Cuz Tom)
    Kristopher Romero - Light this! +5
    Lee Aiezza - Slick300 +1
    David Chen - thechenman +3
    Cheryl Wilson & Irma Osborne
    Frank - streetrod +11
    Michael Howard - Whiff Out +1 (Wayne D. Clarke)
    Chris Tognetti - Dlesel Grinch +3
    Ismael Diaz +2 and 1 non-smoker
    Mike Lopez +2
    Ralph Croteau - ilcchef2 +1 (John Dare)
    Mike Decker - GARGUNZ +5 (4 smokers, 2 non-smokers)
    Neil Smith
    Richard DeFay
    Tim D. Boyd
    Tom Rasmuson
    Nelson Rodriguez - Playa +1
    Pito Vallejo - Bxcigrfan +4 (Uncle Jorge, Lil' Jorge, Uncle Macho & Jesus Rivera - MOBIG)
    Laszlo Keszthelyi
    Anthony Moye - tone-ny
    Madge Burns
    Michael Dale
    Erin Daly - Claddagh Irish Whiskey
    Nat Buzzone +2 (sons)
    Phil DiGiacomo - Twin Engine Coffee
    Mike Juppé +6 (2 smokers & 5 non-smokers)
    Thomas Hinde - thinde +3
    Steve Haas
    Tony (Watch Guy)
    Rob Martino - Gadget Man
    Big Tony - Truckin'


    Big Guns BBQ - Fishkill, NY
    Creekstone Farms Premium Beef - Arkansas City, KS
    Newburgh Brewing Co - Newburgh, NY
    Ambassador Wines & Spirits - New York, NY
    Nat Buzzone - Washingtonville, NY
    Mark Schindel - New Paltz, NY
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  2. Tall Paul

    Tall Paul "insecure little bitch"

    May 11, 2011
    Derry, NH
    Charlie I have +3 this year.

    Thank you sir
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  3. Tall Paul

    Tall Paul "insecure little bitch"

    May 11, 2011
    Derry, NH
    Also please put in
    Mike Juppé +6

    Thank you
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  4. thinde

    thinde Lobsta; the other white meat!

    Feb 24, 2008
    I’m in this year! Plus 3 please.
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  5. Set-In-Stone

    Set-In-Stone The Dude Abides

    Jun 22, 2011
    Upstate New York
    Nashkicker said he has to go to a wedding that day….but we will keep his ticket just in case he finds his balls before then. ;) Looking forward to another fantastic year! Thanks Charlie for being you.
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  6. tone-ny

    tone-ny I smoke therefore I am!

    Nov 24, 2004
    I'm in Charlie.
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  7. stogieman

    stogieman " Herf King "

    Austen, I almost spit up my coffee laughing so hard. I hope Jim can join us as always, they can always reschedule a wedding....... :D
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  8. Joemisery

    Joemisery Member

    Sep 13, 2009
    Highland, NY
    Charlie, please put me down with a +1. Thank you!
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  9. stogieman

    stogieman " Herf King "

    All the above are good to go, but as always, it didn't take long to reached the 250 guest number. I will start the "Stand-by" list as sometimes guests have to cancel. Have a great day all...... :)
  10. ilcchef2

    ilcchef2 Member

    Feb 12, 2006
    Croton-onHudson NY
    Looking forward to the best cigar event of the year!!!
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  11. Maduro Clint

    Maduro Clint Livin the dream

    Sep 10, 2014
    Marlton, NJ
    Ugh!!! This was going to be the year that I attended after getting chastised by Gary. So was about to sign up and then I saw the date. Unfortunately or fortunately, Wyatt (Brickhouse) is getting married....AGAIN. I think this one will stick though :p

    Hope to join next year...have fun.
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  12. Tall Paul

    Tall Paul "insecure little bitch"

    May 11, 2011
    Derry, NH
    This is not a good excuse
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  13. Maduro Clint

    Maduro Clint Livin the dream

    Sep 10, 2014
    Marlton, NJ
    Especially when it's his 3rd try :p
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