Quintero y Hermano Brevas

Discussion in 'Cigar Reviews' started by Kingantz, May 25, 2009.

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    Memorial Day! Not a single plan made for today other than sit back, relax, and enjoy time with the family. Oh, and smoke cigars. :D I slept in this morning rather late, so picked out a smaller smoke to have with coffee. I spied a Quintero 2001 that’s been in the humi for a while, and it looked like a good enough specimen so grabbed it up and out to the porch I went.

    These are cheaper, machine made smokes, and I’ve had quite a few of the smaller vitolas that were okay smokes, mainly good for having while doing yard work or something of that nature. This cigar is a nice looking corona size with medium brown wrapper that is very coarse with a patchwork of veins throughout and slightly noticeable oil. It’s very spongy when squeezed, which I find in most cheaper machine made cigars. I punched the cap and found the draw to have a slight over resistance, but well enough to get air through.

    With fire to the foot, first draw is extremely mild, almost like drawing nothing but air through. I get very little flavor as well, noticing mostly a bitter acidic taste. Maybe the draw is tighter than I thought.

    I continue on and the smoke continues to be extremely mild to my palate with very little to no flavor coming through. Then finally, at over the halfway mark, I start getting a somewhat medium bodied smoke with a hint of spice. I’m also detecting faint vanilla and toasted nut flavor, however nothing by way of a finish.

    The burn was good throughout the cigar with the ash, a medium gray, holding long enough to knock off in the ashtray. I didn’t care much for this cigar as it was far too mild, with the exception towards the end where the body did pick up, however there still wasn’t much in flavor. I would definitely consider these yard gars. ;)


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