The Zythos Project

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    Jan 9, 2007
    Here's a little something that our beer enthusiasts and home brewers might enjoy.

    Modular Growler

    Q: I am a homebrewer. Could I use it for bottle conditioning and sterile yeast storage? Does it hold pressure?

    A: Yes. That is the whole point! Our unique and original design is based on brewing equipment and other pressure-holding vessels. The Brauler™ was designed with input from top brewmasters around the U.S. We will have airlock caps as well, and who knows what other innovations to come. This vessel is for the brewery as well as the bar. It’s also great for wine and cider.

    Q: I want it. How much will it cost?

    A: The Brauler Modular Growler System™ is going to be competitively priced compared to German glass growlers.


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