Words of wisdom about cigar maintenance and aging.

Discussion in 'Humidor Forum' started by Habanos addict, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Habanos addict

    Habanos addict Banned

    Mar 18, 2012
    North west US
    I have been totally sizzled over something real bad that just happened to both my desktops with over 500 cigars in them and I am afraid I can not talk about it.

    This is not the reason that I am posting this but the result hoping to help others so something good might come from what happen to me
    I will post for help away from here.

    I thought if we all post here some of our words of wisdom about dos and don,ts in cigar storage and humidification we can help others to prevent them selves from making costly mistakes and or win big by learning here first from other's words of wisdom and have better tasting cigars to smoke and share.

    Please post your words of wisdom if you like, directing your comments to all instead of each other so all reading them can benefit using their own judgement and risk.
    Posting often as new stuff comes to mind can gather a gold mine of wealth in knowledge from all!

    So I will start first with what comes to mind easy right now,I am not an expert but I like to offer my 2 cents

    Nothing is better than a decent cigar that has been humidified properly for a long time and the proper humidity makes or brakes a cigar in taste!.

    Temperature is not as important as RH and as long as that is around 68 give or take a couple of points you are doing great unless you are growing beetles if you got CCs over 75-80F.

    You do not need more RH when cold or less when hot but being pro active and patient might stop you from screwing up.

    Too much air ventilation is much worse than none but the later is no good either if you are going to age for years.

    Plum can be verified with a magnifying glass(as a camera lens placed upside down till focused) and differentiated from white mold from the way it looks.
    If it has posts and mushroom heads is mold if not is bloom if white and in small spots all over

    Oily darker wrapper cigars age better.

    There is a lot of good RH solutions that can make your cigars taste bad,learn what they are.

    Never listen to a few common opinions on line and follow unless you verify with experts because when you think you know it all you might get surprised.... I know I am.

    Cigar maintenance is not hard but is easy to make big mistakes and that is the only way to learn......unless the experts at CP all have spoken and lots of attention was given.
  2. grateful1

    grateful1 Oh My!

    Feb 6, 2006
    There are 4 or 5 things here that I would bring up for discussion, as other views hold true.

    They, however, have been discussed.
  3. Yojimbo

    Yojimbo Brutish Nubber

    Jan 23, 2008
    Myrtle Beach, SC
    I get the impression that beetles have made a Vegas buffet out of your two boxes. If so, you have my condolences.
  4. DePasta

    DePasta Stop it! That tickles!

    Jul 23, 2005
    Anything over 70 degrees is potential beetle bait....CC or not.
  5. Aussie Shaun

    Aussie Shaun Just call me Grumps.

    Oct 19, 2010
    Nobody likes to lose that many quality smokes so looking after them right is a major priority.
    Sorry for your loss bro.
  6. Habanos addict

    Habanos addict Banned

    Mar 18, 2012
    North west US
    Not beetles guys,I can not tell as I do not want to have anything negative on a reputable vendor of products that lots of people use.
    It is interesting ,however I wanted to have something good by trying a thread on everyones quotes on issues like this ,it really relates to some hard stuff to figure out too easy.

    Grateful 1

    I did not see another thread titled like this has it been done before here?
    I have seen it with great success in another board of unrelated subjects and worked great.
  7. duglynukem

    duglynukem Nuclear Advocate

    Nov 25, 2005
    Daytona Beach
    Best to stick with distilled water.
  8. Gotee7

    Gotee7 New Member

    Thread jack on:

    Does anyone know where I can get a mini air conditioner for my cabinet humidor? I looked and can't seem to get an answer.

    Thread jack off:
  9. BlindedByScience

    BlindedByScience Proud Father of a brave U.S. Marine

    Jan 31, 2005
    Vancouver, WA
    This is nonsense.

    If you "can't talk about it" what's the point of your post? Wouldn't you want to prevent other folks from making the same mistake? If you used a product that gave you bad results, why not warn the members? If you are telling the truth, it's not bashing someone, it's doing the rest of the members a favor. Maybe the product's manufacturer doesn't even know and would appreciate a heads up?

    There are several ponts you make that are simply not true. Honestly, if you're not going to be honest and open with the forums I see little reason to continue the discussion, one sided as it may be.

    I'm sorry your cigars were damaged. Too bad you aren't willing to help others and prevent the mistake from happening again.

  10. Devil Doc

    Devil Doc When Death smiles, Corpsmen smile back

    Oct 16, 2005
    New England
    The only thing anyone needs to know about Humidor maintenance, especially since the advent of beads, is it ain't rocket science and don't make it anymore complicated than it is. It's not like it's some kind of black art. There is plenty of information on this forum to help anyone get started and be successful. Threads like these only serve to scare newbs.

  11. grateful1

    grateful1 Oh My!

    Feb 6, 2006
    There's a wealth of imformation here...on all of what you are asking/discussing!

    Here's one such thread....started a long time ago!
  12. thefatguy

    thefatguy TheFatGuy

    Sep 10, 2006
    Newburgh, NY
    I know I'm new here, but I have read a lot on CP and I've been smoking cigars for over fifteen years and I'm still picking things up here. With that said, I'm completely confused about why someone couldn't tell us what went wrong, especially if its because of one of the trusted vendors. I would think that it could benefit us all.
    If it were me I would have started with the vendor to make sure I didn't do something wrong, then I would let everyone know what I did so people could learn from my mistake. If its a problem with the vendor I would let everyone know also so they are aware of potential problems.
    What I have grown to love about this place is the wealth of combined knowledge. We've all made mistakes, but we can learn from each other.
    If we are going to be this vague, it becomes useless to all.

  13. chiefmd

    chiefmd Bone Fixer

    Nov 28, 2011
    Lexington, KY
    The chupacabra jacked his cigars.

    P.S I agree with B.B.S. if you aren't going to tell us then you aren't really helping because all of the above might have nothing to do with your original problem.
  14. kona1000

    kona1000 Scotchead!

    Oct 10, 2009
    Dedham, Ma
    It might involve a scrotum lift that went terribly wrong. Those are always hard to discuss when your new to a forum.
  15. ilikefishes

    ilikefishes Active Member

    Jul 22, 2011
    Northern Colorado
    Kona, are you saying the Gooch might be involved?
  16. Habanos addict

    Habanos addict Banned

    Mar 18, 2012
    North west US
    Thank you all for your comments.
    I have to say you guys are great as I have never being so entertained recently ,you are all a great group and I love how entertaining ,strong and funny most comments are,I am really glad to be part of this.

    If you do not mind lets let this thread die or become what I thought it was a good idea to post words of wisdom about cigar maintenance for the benefit of all.

    I have seen the idea in other forums on other subjects and it turned out to be a great tool else where on other things I love besides cigars.

    I made a mistake to explain the real reason for my motivation to post and ask for a thread like that in order to benefit all in the long run as the title of the tread asks for .....if that does not interest any one lets let it go.

    As far as what happened to me lets take it to the thread I started already ..(cigars gone bad)

    Blinded by science
    You are right and my post here is about words of wisdom on cigar maintenance
    I will give you and all the hints you want to figure out what happened to me at the other thread(cigars gone bad)
    I agree with your comments and I do not want to cause issues just benefits for all of us.

    I do not want to scare anyone,again I should not hold back much but it is tough to make comments about what screws up the taste of your cigars that so many out there are using including me for a while recently.
    Again at the thread here cigars gone bad,I will post when done here tonight..
    It is not a black art but even a cigar smoker of seventeen years newbie like me can screw up .....I figure many more can and have.

    I really like your style and your photos!
    Most entertaining as well your input and help!
    I read the posts you suggested,not in there.
    Thank you

    I have been doing research on these my self even though I do not need them at my climate in the states.
    If you Google peltier air coolers you will find them under thermoelectric air coolers from TE tech.
    They are spendy and they are the same stuff aristrocat is using on their humidors with converted sinkplates for avoiding condensation.
    I have been trying to learn on them and see what I can built that works with out spending a zillion bucks......insulation is the way to go and aristrocrat has that done right I believe,talked to the guy and he builds some great products.

    Here is some more words of wisdom to go back to the subject of the thread.....hope some more joins me ....for my benefit if I want to be selfish ......

    I have always used distilled water nothing else in combo with what ever humidification devise I have.

    Never use PG with out being careful and use more than necessary......have done that in the long past also and it does effect taste in the cigars if used in the wrong amounts.

    Do not change your set up if it is working with something else everyone else is saying is great unless it has been around for a long time and not even one person has an issue with it.
    If is not broken do not fix it.....my biggest last lesson I hope!

    Cigar maintenance is almost a black art if you do not know everything(very few do and I am not one of them) as it is very costly to lessen or destroy the quality of your cigars in order to learn so learn all you can before hand and work with small quantities and keep on learning as your selection grows as things change if you managing a desk top humidifier or a large cabinet.

    Trust your taste buds and be persistent as if there is no answer to something it does not mean nothing more than you will learn in time if you persist,it is like art is not simple and easy but lots of fun if you love it and stay with it.

    All in cigar maintenance is done to preserve and enhance the taste of your cigars which should be the first and most important reason for smoking them.
  17. grateful1

    grateful1 Oh My!

    Feb 6, 2006
    That was only one thread....search is your friend.

  18. ilikefishes

    ilikefishes Active Member

    Jul 22, 2011
    Northern Colorado
    WTF is that. Dude that entire post was a waste of my time. What problem did you have?
  19. Fishin345

    Fishin345 Member

    Nov 6, 2008
    Mytle Beach, SC
    Seriously am I on Punk'd ? This was a practical joke right? He wrote basically a book and still said nothing. I am so confused! :huh:

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  20. Habanos addict

    Habanos addict Banned

    Mar 18, 2012
    North west US
    Reading carefully must be a slow and agonizing experience to some!

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