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Oct 15, 1952 (Age: 63)

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planning and plotting, Male, 63, from Indiana

I need to feel what 70 degrees feels like again! Mar 24, 2014

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Dec 9, 2015
    1. broblues
      I need to feel what 70 degrees feels like again!
      1. ironpeddler
        AMEN my brother!
        Mar 29, 2014
    2. broblues
      More frigg'n snow tonight. Anyone have a place in Fla. for sale?
      1. broblues
        What a mess coming in to work this morning. Glad I had a 4 wheeler.
        Mar 12, 2014
    3. broblues
      Damn, I'm tired of snow!
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      2. broblues
        @ Doc....I wont be a flatlander, I'll be a flat liner if this keeps up! :-)
        Feb 5, 2014
      3. Devil Doc
        Devil Doc
        I refuse to die with a shovel in my hand. I hire someone to take care of the snow.
        Feb 5, 2014
      4. Mrepp
        I'm strangly okay with snow vs the cold. I'd just like it to stay out of the negatives. It's interesting to watch the pup step one paw out the door in -2 and look at me like "seriously"
        Feb 5, 2014
    4. broblues
      I'm the only one at work today. Everyone else needs to get 4 wheel!
      1. nfulton
        Um. Precisely why they don't get a four wheel drive!:-)
        Jan 6, 2014
    5. broblues
      A 500 mile Indiana winery tour last weekend. I need some rest!!!
    6. broblues
      A great day starts with finding 2 1926's you didn't know you had. Tonight it will get down to one.
      1. Jonesy
        Nothing better than a '26!
        Aug 14, 2013
    7. broblues
      I just love it when the old guy shows the young guys the tricks of the trade.
      1. Jonesy
        Does that mean you're calling Kirk old?
        Apr 3, 2013
    8. broblues
      Be safe Brothers and Sisters on the East Coast!
    9. broblues
      I am now officially finished paying for the weddings of daughters. The youngest tied the knot Saturday. Maybe now the bank account will fatten up.
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      2. Undegreed
        congrats! No more daughters on the payroll is nice. I've got two more to go
        Sep 10, 2012
      3. Bayamos
        Congrats....Life is good!
        Sep 10, 2012
      4. Tall Paul
        Tall Paul
        Congrats Steve that is great of you. You dont see that much any more a father paying for the Daughters wedding!
        Sep 10, 2012
    10. broblues
      Big CPI Insurance Cigar Raffle. Help support Cigar Pass. Buy a couple of chances to win.
    11. broblues
      Sitting in Dallas smoking a.Litto Gomez signature.
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      2. broblues
        I would have loved to herfed with a few brothers, but it doesn't ways work out. Hopefully next time.
        Jul 17, 2012
      3. Pugman1943
        Bro, here I was waiting for ya. Maybe next time.
        Jul 17, 2012
      4. broblues
        Jul 18, 2012
    12. broblues
      We ave a fireworks ban, and last night coming home didn't see a single one. good to see the observance of the ban, but disappointed we can't fully celebrate our independance.
      1. Rod
        What's odd, is that the communities with higher crime rates down here in So Cal are allowed fireworks, yet the cities with less crime are denied fire works. Doesn't make sense to me...
        Jul 4, 2012
      2. Puros Locos
        Puros Locos
        Yeah we disregard that whole firework ban. The more the merrier.
        Jul 5, 2012
      3. wkoti
        Yep, no fireworks in Colorado, very very quiet night. Except for the lady who called 911 because her dog ran off...
        Jul 5, 2012
    13. broblues
      Trees down, none hit the house than goodness. No power, but a lot of woodcutting this weekend.
      1. Devil Doc
        Devil Doc
        Flatlander and a chainsaw. Now there's a scary scenario
        Jun 29, 2012
      2. broblues
        Thanks Doc.
        Jun 29, 2012
    14. broblues
      All you Fathers and Grandfathers...............Have a great day Sunday. Smoke one of the ones you've been saving for a "special occasion" ' because this IS one!
    15. broblues
      Another hour and I can shift into the Friday mode, and none too soo, for sure!
    16. broblues
      At midwest Smoke Out. Yum!
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      2. MrAnderson41
        so it's worth the price of admission then. I guess I'll have to go next year.
        Apr 19, 2012
      3. MrAnderson41
        if it's not during a refueling outage.
        Apr 19, 2012
      4. broblues
        I'll review it on the "Midwest Smoke Out thread on Monday.
        Apr 19, 2012
    17. broblues
      It has been so nice to be outside in a t-shirt with an adult beverage and a fine stick the last couple of evenings. Hang in there warmth!
    18. broblues
      Unbelievable! It's February already. The nolder I get, the faster it goes, but, the more I appreciate every day!
    19. broblues
      Why is it that sometimes during the day all I think about is how long will it be till I can can have a cold beer and a fine cigar?
      1. Devil Doc
        Devil Doc
        Jan 26, 2012
      2. broblues
        no $hit......... :-)
        Jan 26, 2012
    20. broblues
      Why is it that sometimes during the day all I think about is how long will it be till I can can have a cold beer and a fine cigar?
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    Oct 15, 1952 (Age: 63)
    <p><span style="color:rgb(0,0,255);"><span style="font-size:18px;"><span style="font-family:'comic sans ms', cursive;"><span style="font-family:'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;">Thanks for stopping by</span>..........</span></span></span><br>
    <p>I am a woodworker by choice, but a manager for a living. I am remarried and between my wife and I, have 4 daughters, 5 grand-sons and a grand-daughter just born. I play guitar (blues fan). I am an Ex NAVY Vietnam Vet. I love family, music, travel,  friends and fun. I love America most.<br><br>
    I drink scotch, beer and enjoy Cabernet and Chianti. I love Highland single malts and most of the Johnny Walker line-up. My everyday scotch is Johnny Walker Black. A good shot of tequilla with salt and a lemon will never be turned down.<br><br>
    Padrons, pretty much top to bottom are my favorite legal cigars. My go to is a Fuente Gran Reserva Corona Imperial Maduro. I love ISOM cigars best, damn shame they are illegal. I also enjoy trying new sticks. It keeps this hobby of mine interesting.<br>
    <p><span style="color:rgb(165,42,42);"><strong><em>I have been smoking cigars for over 40 years</em></strong></span>.<br><br><strong><span style="color:rgb(0,0,255);">These</span><span style="color:rgb(0,0,205);"> are some of MY</span></strong></p>
    <p><strong><span style="color:rgb(0,0,205);">  SMOKED CIGARS </span></strong></p>
    <p>1502 "Emerald"<br>
    5 Star cigar "Hojas Dominicanas" (Excellent!)<br>
    5 Vegas   "A"<br>
    5 Vegas   "Cask Strength"<br>
    5 Vegas   "Classic"<br>
    5 Vegas   "Gold"<br>
    5 Vegas "Gold Maduro"<br>
    5 Vegas   "MIAMI"<br>
    A. Turrent "Puro Corojo"<br>
    ACID   "Opulence"<br>
    Alec Bradley   "1997"<br>
    Alec Bradley   "TEMPUS"<br>
    Alec Bradley "Max" Brazil<br>
    AR, Augusto Reyes "Epicur"<br>
    Arturo Fuente "Anejo"<br>
    Arturo Fuente "Chateau Fuente Double Chateau"<br>
    Arturo Fuente "Gran Reserva Imperial Corona Maduro"<br>
    Arturo Fuente "Hemingway"<br>
    Arturo Fuente "Rosado"<br>
    Arturo Fuente "Special Selection" Curley Head<br>
    Ashton "Heritage"<br>
    Ave Maria<br>
    AVO "80th"<br>
    AVO "XO"<br>
    Bahia Blu<br>
    Brick House<br>
    CAIN  "Straight Ligero" Habano Nicaragua<br>
    CAIN  "Straight Ligero" Maduro Nicaragua NUB<br>
    CAMACHO   "Corojo"<br>
    Camacho   "MADURO"<br>
    CAMACHO  "Criollo"<br>
    CAMACHO "CLE Limited Edition" (CRA Hand Out 2012)<br>
    CAMACHO "Quinto Corte" 8/22<br>
    CAO   "Brazilia"<br>
    CAO   L'Anniversaire "Maduro"<br>
    CAO  " MX2"<br>
    CAO  "Convergence"<br>
    CAO "OSA"<br>
    CAO "Supranos"<br>
    CAO "Vision"<br>
    Carlos Torano   "Casa Torano"<br>
    Carlos Torano  "Noventa 90"<br>
    Casa Fuente<br>
    Casa Magna  "Colorado"<br>
    Casa Magna "Domus Magnus Limitada"<br>
    CI Anniversary<br>
    CIFUENTES y CIA   Partagas "Black"<br>
    CIFUENTES Y CIA   Partagas 1845   2  13/16"<br>
    CIFUENTES Y CIA   Partagas 1845   3"<br>
    CLE "Christian Luis Eiroa" 2012 CLE Corojo<br>
    COHIBA   "MADURO 5"  Cuban<br>
    COHIBA   "Red Dot"<br>
    COHIBA  "NATURAL"  Siglo V Cuban<br>
    COHIBA "Republica Dominicana" Counterfeit<br>
    COHIBA Black pequenos<br>
    COHIBA Dominican Robusto<br>
    Cohiba Pequenos Dominican<br>
    Cu Avana<br>
    Cuba Libre "One"<br>
    CUESTA REY  "Centenario"<br>
    Cuesta Rey  "Centrofino" Sungrown<br>
    Davidoff Grand Cru #3<br>
    Diamond Crown "CRA Limited Edition"<br>
    Diamond Crown "Maximus"<br>
    Diesel "Crucible"<br>
    Diesel "Unholy Cocktail"<br>
    Diesel "Unlimited"<br>
    Don Pepin Garcia   "CUBAN CLASSIC"<br>
    Don Pepin Garcia "Blue Label" lancero<br>
    Drew Estates "Liga Privada #9" CRA Limited Edition<br>
    Drew Estates "Undercrown"<br>
    El Major   "EXPRESSO"<br>
    El Major  "EMERALD"<br>
    E.P. Carrillo  "CRA Limited Edition"<br>
    Erin Go Bragh  "Irish Whiskey"<br>
    Filepe Dominicana<br>
    Flor de Tamboril "2013 Edicion Limitada"<br>
    Fonseca  "Vintage"<br>
    Fonseca Serie F<br>
    Fuente Fuente "OpusX"<br>
    Garcia &amp; Garcia "My Father"<br>
    Garcia &amp; Garcia "My Father" Limited Edition, Jamie Garcia<br>
    Graycliff   "1666"<br>
    Graycliff   "G2"<br>
    Graycliff "G2 Turbo"<br>
    Guantanamera   Cuban<br>
    GURKHA   "Grand Age"<br>
    GURKHA   "Grand Reserve"<br>
    GURKHA "Legend"<br>
    H Upman "1844 Reserve"<br>
    H UPMANN    "Reserve Maduro"<br>
    H UPMANN   "Vintage Cameroon"<br>
    H Upmann 31.4  Cuban<br>
    HEAVEN   "RUM"<br>
    Helix   "Connecticut Broadleaf"<br>
    Hoya de Monterrey, "REPOSADO" El Cedros<br>
    Hoya De Monterrey, Gener Jose, Excalibur "Dark Knight"<br>
    J "Grotto Series"<br>
    J. Cortes<br>
    J.R    "Calidad Suprema"<br>
    Jaime Garcia "Reserva Especial" (CRA Hand Out 2013)<br>
    Jose Gener "Hoya de Monterey"  Habana<br>
    JOYA DE NICARAGUA,  PURO  "Celebracion"<br>
    JR "5 Star" Natural<br>
    JTS "Jimmy the Saint"<br>
    Kristoff "Corojo Limitada"<br>
    Kristoff "Maduro" Churchill<br>
    Kristoff "Sumatra" Torpedo<br>
    La Aroma de CUBA "CRA Limited Edition"<br>
    LA Aurora   E. Leon<br>
    La Cuna<br>
    La Gloria Cubana "Artisanos Retro Especiale' "<br>
    La Gloria Cubana "Serie N"<br>
    La Herencia Cubana<br>
    La Mezcla Cubana<br>
    La Palina "Classic"<br>
    La Pearla Habana  "Black Pearl Morado"<br>
    La Pearla Habana  "Black Pearl"<br>
    La Pearla Habana "Rojo"<br>
    La Reloba  "Seleccion Habano"  CRA Limited Edition<br>
    Legend Ario<br>
    Leon Jimenes<br>
    LFD  La Flor Dominicana  "Double Ligero"<br>
    LFD  La Flor Dominicana  "LIGERO"<br>
    LFD La Flor Dominicana  "Premium Line"<br>
    Litto Gomez "Famous signature Series"<br>
    Lou Rodriguez "Edicion Premier"<br>
    Lou Rodriguez "Edicion Reserva"<br>
    MACANUDO   "1968"<br>
    MACANUDO   "Café"<br>
    MACANUDO   "Maduro"<br>
    MACANUDO "Cru Royal"<br>
    Montecristo   "EDMUNDO"   Cuban<br>
    Montecristo   "Media Noche"<br>
    Montecristo "White Label"<br>
    Morro Castle "1959"<br>
    My Cuban Wheel "MCW" #1<br>
    Nica Libre "1990"<br>
    Nimish "Thunder"<br>
    Nish Patel  "XEN"<br>
    Nub "Habano"<br>
    Nub "Habano" Perfecto<br>
    Oliva   "El Cobre"<br>
    Oliva   "Serie G"<br>
    Oliva   "Serie O"<br>
    Oliva   "Serie V"<br>
    Oliva "Serie V" Melanio Gran Reserva Limitada<br>
    Padilla    "Limitado Edicion Especial"<br>
    Padilla "1932"<br>
    Padilla "HABANO"<br>
    PADILLA Corojo "Edicion Especial 2006"<br>
    Padron 1926<br>
    Padron 1964<br>
    Park Avenue   "44"<br>
    Partagas 1845 "Heritage Rewrapped"<br>
    PERDOMO   "LOT 23"<br>
    Perdomo   "Reserve MADURO 10th Anniversary"<br>
    Perdomo "Champaigne" 10th Anniversary<br>
    Perdomo Habano   "Connecticut"<br>
    Perfecto Garcia<br>
    Pinar Del Rio " HABANO Sun Grown" Liga Cubana NO. 5<br>
    Pinar Del Rio "OSCURO" Liga Cubana #2<br>
    Pinar Del Rio CLASICO Exclusivo<br>
    Pinar Del Rio SELECCION Reserva Limitada<br>
    Plasencia "Reseva Organica"<br>
    Professor Sila<br>
    Pueblo "Dominicano"<br>
    PUNCH   2 7/8"<br>
    PUNCH   3"<br>
    Punch "Bareknuckle"<br>
    PUNCH "Rare Corojo 10th anniversary"<br>
    PUNCH "Uppercut"<br>
    Ramon Bueso  "Genesis"<br>
    Reloba   Cuban<br>
    Rocky Patel   "CONNECTICUT"<br>
    Rocky Patel   "Renaissance"<br>
    Rocky Patel   "The Edge"<br>
    Rocky Patel  "1961"<br>
    Rocky Patel "lite"<br>
    Rocky Patel "Old World Reserve"<br>
    Rocky Patel "Sun Grown"<br>
    Rocky Patel "Vintage 1999 Connecticut"<br>
    Rocky Patel "Vintage 2003 Cameroon"<br>
    Romeo Y Julietta   "CHURCHILLS"  Cuban<br>
    Romeo Y Julietta "Nicaragua"<br>
    Romeo Y Julietta   "Reserve Maduro"<br>
    Romeo Y Julietta "Reserva Real"<br>
    Romeo Y Julietta "Vintage Maruro"  Medallas de Oro<br>
    Room 101<br>
    San Lotano  "Oval"<br>
    Santana-Lapinet "NEW GENERATION"<br>
    Serafin De Cuba<br>
    SHERPA  "LOT No. 458"<br>
    Sol Cubano   "Connecticut"<br>
    Sol Cubano   "MADURO"<br>
    Sol Cubano  "Artisan"<br>
    Sol Cubano,   "Cuban Cabinet"<br>
    Tatuaje "Cabiguan"  Guapo<br>
    Tatuaje "CRA Limited Edition"<br>
    Tatuaje "Cojonu 2012"<br>
    Vegas Robaina   Cuban<br>
    Viaje "Oro"<br>
    Victor Sinclair "10th Anniversario"<br>
    Victor Sinclair "Conneticut Yankee"<br>
    Victor Sinclair "Primeros Tobacos"<br>
    Victor Sinclair "Triple Corojo"<br>
    Winston Churchill "CRA Limited Edition"</p>
    <p> </p>
    <p> </p>
    <p>Steve Raymer</p>

    Woodworking, Music, Travel, Scotch, Handguns, Camping & Cigars.........


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    Still, IMO, the best place on earth..........
    There are guys who were in the NAVY, and then there were Sailors.......I was a Sailor!
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