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Virtual Cigar Lounge

The vHerf Lounge was developed to foster closer community bonds. By introducing live video chat capabilities, CigarPass distinguishes itself as the premier and sole online cigar community/lounge to offer such an innovative feature. Now, members can socialize with each other in a manner akin to an actual cigar lounge, all within the comfort of their own homes.

Here, you can

  • Connect with CigarPass members from around the world.
  • Join our regularly scheduled herf. See below schedule.
  • Host your own events in the vHerf Lounge.
  • Connect from anywhere, including your PC or mobile device.
  • Invite other like-minded cigar friends to join in as well.
More about vHerf Lounge


The vHerf Lounge is an unmoderated virtual cigar lounge. Please treat it accordingly by conducting yourself as you would in person, as well as on our public forum. The lounge is accessible at all times and is free to use. We can effortlessly create additional rooms, so if you require an extra space, simply inform us. Feel free to organize and host your own events within our lounge.


  • You can access vHerf Lounge from any desktop or mobile device.
  • For the best experience, install the Zoom app on your device to access all available features.



Every Wednesday
5:00 PM Pacfic in the vHerf Lounge

Every Saturday
5:00 PM Pacfic in the vHerf Lounge

vHerf Lounge Entrance

vHerf Virtual Cigar Lounge