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    Jul 23, 2005
    So I am still around and check in from time to time. Recently ordered a 40 pack of Johnny-O shorts. As usual service was great.

    Couldnt resist smoking 1 out of the box and felt compelled by the cigar gods to share my experience.

    Lit it up while washing my recently acquired camper.

    As with other cigars it started off with a hint of tangy sweetness I find when smoking them fresh. This was followed by some mellow creamy leather goodness...toward the end of the first third the cigar progressed to hints of pepper.

    I had to sit down as I found myself overpuffing while working and letting it get hot, however this didn't impact the burn or flavor. Second third presented a bit more pepper mixed in with some earthy goodness.

    The ash was the dark gray color represented by Cubans throughout. The final third presented some good spice and the burn was flawless throughout.

    Not regretting my decision a bit. Will lay some down and this will definitely be a staple in the humidor. With a kid and college this fits the budget nicely as well.

    First post in a while, will see of I can keep it up...
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    I have yet to try the shorts. Added to the list...
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