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Thank you for being a CigarPass member! We have remained an independently owned and operated cigar community for over 21 years, as our primary focus has always been to provide the cigar community a safe place to hang out online, where honesty, trust and friendship is paramount.

Protecting the members of CP and ensuring a safe and fun community is the reason we have declined the many offers by companies/corporations to buy CP (including offers upwards of $100k) over the years. Most websites that offer a free service result in the user/member being the product (how most of the internet is today) — that is not how we do things here. It is a true passion and pleasure to provide CP to the cigar community, and it is nothing other than a labor of love.

As you can see, this site is run with very few ads. There are many costs involved to run such a website, as we do not use shared hosting, rather we lease dedicated servers from a Tier 1 enterprise class data center in Texas. This is why CP is so fast, stable and secure. Licensing, support, maintenance, backups, etc. also factor into the monthly expenses of running CigarPass.

If you wish to donate to help cover some of the ongoing costs of running this site (though certainly not necessary), we’d be most grateful!

How to donate

Please PM Rod (click here) on the forum for further details if you wish to send in a donation.

Thank you for being a member of the best cigar community around! You are truly appreciated…