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Rod, My name is Michael Benton and we just joined Cigar pass. We are looking for a place to get input from cigar smokers on their preferences in regards to humidors. We manufacture humidors in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At some point after the 4 month waiting period if we can, we would like to offer our humidors for sale through Cigar Pass through the proper forum. Thank you for your time.
Michael Benton
Interested in the Diamond Crowns.

Have sealed box of Romeos by AJ Toro worth same as the Nats

Also have many singles for the other Diamond Crown Maduro & Black Diamond

Need to e-mail regarding singles if interested as am limited on how many letters you can use

regards, Justin Plotkin aka Husker
Please e-mial me at justinp@ix.netcom.com I tried to write more than what I am allowed to regarding this. I am going to be away from my computer shortly and will be gone for a few days.
regards, Justin Plotkin aka Husker


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I’ll email when I get back in town.

Thank you!!
I have been back to smoking cigars for the bast 8 months after taking a 13 year leave from them. I enjoy medium to full cigars with a bu ch of different wrappers