Padilla Artemis Double Torpedo

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    Cigar Snapshot Podcast Episode 24

    Padilla Artemis Double Torpedo

    Size: 6-3/4 x 56 (Figurado)
    Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
    Binder: Nicaragua
    Filler: Nicaragua

    The Padilla Artemis is a Nicaraguan puro that is produced at the Raices Cubana factory in Honduras. The Artemis was the first box-pressed offering from Padilla, and in addition to the Double Torpedo I am reviewing today, it is also available in a 5 x 54 Robusto, a 6 x 54 Toro, and a 6-1/4 x 52 Torpedo.

    This cigar is a large box pressed figurado that is closed at both the head and the foot of the cigar. The wrapper was a deep brown in color that reminded me of tanned leather. It was very smooth to the touch with a few shiny spots of oil that have come to the surface. There were no major veins or other visible defects on the cigar at all. The cigar was firmly packed with no hard or soft spots at all.

    AROMA: The prelight aroma had hay, cedar, and a sweetness that reminded me of aromatic pipe tobacco. There was a little bit of nose-tickling spiciness at the foot of the cigar.

    TASTE: The prelight taste was dominated by bitter chocolate that had a slight grassy note in the background. There was the slightest touch of spiciness at the very back of my palate.

    Upon lighting the cigar, I found that the draw was absolutely perfect fright from the beginning, and the cigar produced thick clouds of smoke right away. There was a dry cedar character, with some of the bitter chocolate from the prelight still present. There was the distinct flavor of toasted nuts in the finish and in the retrohale. The ash was medium-dark gray and slightly flaky.

    The bitter chocolate flavors started to fade in the second third. The cigar became very woodsy at this point, and developed a pleasant creamy character. There were some oak-like hardwood flavors in the background that seemed like they were starting to build. There was a touch of herbaceous grassiness in the finish. The cigar was medium bodied and flavored, and the construction remained perfectly spot on.

    As the final third started, the woody flavors actually mellowed out a little bit, and the overall strength increased a bit, though the cigar remained well-balanced in flavor. This extra boost at the end worked well with the blend, and kept what was a pretty lengthy smoke interesting right to the last half and inch or so what I had to put the cigar down.

    After an unpleasant experience with a poorly constructed figurado in episode 23, I though that I would try another figurado this episode. I am pleased to report that this figurado was perfectly constructed, and allowed me to focus on the analysis of the flavor profile. That being said, this cigar did present a decent and evolving flavor profile overall, though I must admit to it being a little bit flat for my taste. After the bitter chocolate flavors that were really tasty faded in the second third, there was nothing to really fill that void with a similarly intense sensation to keep that edge going. Is the cigar worth trying? Sure it is. I am a Padilla fan in general, and if given the choice, I would choose to reach for a Padilla 1932 first. Of course, I have been a fan of those since the original release.

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    Smoke an Artemis Robusto I purchased a De La Concha a few weeks ago. Wasn't a big fan at all...the best i could say about the Artemis is that is is better than then Dominus. What I really miss from Padilla are the old Pepin 8&11 Robustos. Now that was a fantastic cigar! Lost my last three and a leather Xikar cigar case in the back of a NYC taxi. Hopefully someone got to enjoy those great smokes.
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    Yeah, I know what you mean... I still have a couple of the old blen 1932s left... to me, it wasn't bad - just flat, like it was missing something...

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