Pug (Maizy) pics to share with Pugman1943!

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  1. EL Corojo

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    @Pugman1943; I figured since I couldn’t figure out how to post them in our earlier discussion. I’d post them in a thread.

    53B154A7-E891-4181-9505-ED367E2D8168.jpeg 4B809134-0D1A-4CA9-AA4A-CDC494C1322D.jpeg

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  2. EL Corojo

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    60281638-C2C8-4EF0-A812-5144A0280F54.jpeg AE0B0D50-91EC-4232-A063-AD65B886751D.jpeg A696E0AE-B23F-434D-AF71-FD17B7DFD209.jpeg
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  3. EL Corojo

    EL Corojo Well-Known Member

    AF50CA1B-1EA8-444B-BC69-D5EADF140AB5.jpeg 9862FC5F-2A89-41C8-9F9A-275640579FD2.jpeg
  4. CigSid

    CigSid Love this place...

    Jan 25, 2014
    Southern California
    Very cute!!
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  5. EL Corojo

    EL Corojo Well-Known Member

    Thanks! She is 8 now.
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  6. BlindedByScience

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    Jan 31, 2005
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    After a full day of eating and sleeping, poor Cleo was just exhausted and needed to rest up so she could eat and sleep some more.....:D

    S6300258 - Copy.JPG
  7. EL Corojo

    EL Corojo Well-Known Member

    That is pretty adorable!
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  8. Thoughts

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    Mar 3, 2018
    My wife found these pictures and is now on google laughing maniacally and repeating 'so cute' over and over......uh oh.....
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  9. Acclaym

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    Jun 14, 2011
    Charlotte, NC
    She looks like a real character!
  10. EL Corojo

    EL Corojo Well-Known Member

    She is!
  11. Pugman1943

    Pugman1943 Well-Known Member

    They all are cute. The young ones with their “pug fits”. I have scared many a mail person, small kids and unknowing adults. We never tested her against a burglar thinking we would be arrested for death by licking.

    Thanks for sharing guys.
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  12. EL Corojo

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