What is CigarPass?

CigarPass is the premier Cigar Community of the Internet. The largest, most popular privately owned cigar community since 2000, CigarPass welcomes all new members.

Getting Started with a Cigar Pass

Whether you’re joining a pass or hosting one, they are a lot of fun.  The first thing to be sure of is that you qualify to start or host a pass.  General pass rules are posted at the top of the Cigar Pass Forum, and if joining a pass, the host may have additional rules.

Joining a Cigar Pass

To join a pass, first make sure that you meet the minimum requirements (generally how long you’ve been a member).  Be sure to read the hosts initial post well and before asking to join, make sure you meet any additional requirements that the host has requested.

If you meet all of the minimum requirements, then proceed to join.

Hosting / Starting a Pass

We have put several resources in place to help ensure that your cigar pass is easily started and also successful.  When starting a pass, it’s always a good idea to come up with a theme, or perhaps basic rules.  For instance, below are some examples of the types of cigar passes you might see:

  • Maduro cigar pass – all cigars must be maduro.
  • Fuente cigar pass – only Fuente cigars can be traded.
  • Newbie cigar pass – only members with a certain join date can join.

Always be sure your rules and requirements are clearly stated before posting your pass and asking people to join.

ALWAYS list the order of your participants in geographic order.  This way the pass won’t travel around the country multiple times, and will more quickly make it to each participant with less travel time.  Arranging the shipments geographically will also keep the shipping costs to a minimum.

15 members is generally a good number of pass participants.

Include the cigar pass spreadsheet with your pass.

Pass Season

Cigar passes generally take place between the months of September thru May.  Since the cigars spend several weeks in transit, we try to limit their exposure to extreme heat.  Summer is normally the off-season for passes.  Besides, most people are on vacation or travelling during the summer months, so activity is generally lower.  In addition, you don’t want to send a pass to someone’s house when their out of town…

Cigar Pass Resources

Please utilize the resources we have created to help ensure your pass goes smooth.  All resources are located under the Pass Resource menu.

General Rules

Below is a list of general rules of running a cigar pass.  These rules are simply basic rules; the host may add or modify the below rules as he/she chooses.  Be sure that all rules and expectations are clearly stated up front prior to anyone joining the pass.

  • Rule 1 – It is highly recommended that you use the cigar pass spreadsheet when listing your participants addresses and information.  Simply open the Pass Spreadsheet, complete the form, print it and place it in your pass.  This spreadsheet was designed to help make starting/managing a pass easy.
  • Rule 2 – When receiving a cigar pass, it is customary to take up to 3 cigars and put at minimum how many cigars you took.  Cigar’s should be one for one with respect to value.  Never put lesser quality cigars in place of the ones you took.
  • Rule 3 – Keep an eye on the pass as it travels.  If the pass is heading your way and you know you’re not going to be around, inform the host immediately so that he/she can make arrangements to re-route the pass if necessary.
  • Rule 4 – If the cigar pass box requires any work such as adjusting humidity, repackaging, etc please do.  Treat the pass as if it’s your own.
  • Rule 5 – Always be prompt; post a message letting the host and others know that the pass arrived safely.  Be sure to turn around the pass within 2 days.  It’s always more fun when the pass moves quickly.
  • Rule 6 – It’s always a good idea to place the cigars you put in a plastic baggie or cigar bag.  This help ensure that the cigars remain undamaged.
  • Rule 7 – Do not steal anyones property.  That includes markers, humidification devices, etc that may come with the pass.
  • Rule 8 – USPS and UPS are two very good carriers.  Always pay for a confirmation number, and it’s a good idea to insure the pass for what the retail value of the cigars might be.  The host may or may not require insurance.  UPS shipments are automatically insured up to $100.  When shipping the pass to the next participant, post an update in the forum along with the tracking number.

These are just some basic rules. More may be added as necessary.
The host of the pass may specify different rules.
Not every pass will be the same.
Have Fun!

Pass Checklist

Use the below checklist before shipping out your pass

  • The shipping box is durable and taped well.
  • The cigars are in a tupperware container with plenty of cushioning.
  • The tupperware has room for additional cigars.
  • The tupperware container is properly humidified.  It’s a good idea to toss in a small digital hygrometer with your pass so that participants can quickly check the RH.
  • Disposable humidity control systems work well, such as the water pillow or Boveda.
  • Include the completed spreadsheet with all of the details of the pass.

Don’t forget the cigars!

Now you are ready to send your Cigar Pass off…

Good luck! Be sure to keep us up to date on your pass here at CigarPass.com!

A brief history…

At the peak of the cigar boom of the 1990’s, I would regularly visit various online cigar forums. During this time, they were a dime a dozen. Having tried out many of them, they all felt empty. Meaning, no real sense of community. They were all also heavily moderated, which really takes away from the true sense of a community. I decided to try something different — a cigar community for adults! If you can behave like an adult, just as if you were mingling in a real cigar lounge, then what’s the need for “mods”? Never seeing this done before, certainly not a “mod-less” cigar site, I decided to give it a try. 20+ years later, not only are we still here, we’re the largest and most trafficked privately owned cigar community around. Having turned down numerous buyouts (still to this day), we’re thriving more than ever before.

Please keep in mind that the members who have been around for awhile keep a close out on our community. While they have no moderator abilities, they do time to time offer recommendations and advice to newer members, or members who may not quite “get it”.