Names John Armer, 26. Tucson AZ born and raised. I became a heroin addict at 15 years old, been to rehabs, jail, arrested more times than I can remember, went to prison. After 10 years of addiction I got clean and avoided going back to prison, I got clean in the beginning of Covid, 4/30/21, so I have just over a year clean under my belt. Cigars became a huge and important part of my life in my early recovery, everything about them fascinates me, from growing to harvesting to curing to rolling to selling to shops. They bring people together that wouldn't otherwise talk to eachother. My dream is to open a shop/lounge with my best friend.
My loves make up who I am, underground hiphop & rap, plants, history, tattoos, things that take me out of my head and put me in another world, books, music, tv, movies. Star wars, marvel, harry potter, fast and furious, Peaky Blinders, sons of Anarchy, boardwalk empire and hundred other things.
My favorite cigars so far are La Barba, black label trading co, blackbird, Gatekeeper, Archetype, montecristo Espada, room101, Arturo Fuente, Aj Fernandez, Alec Bradley.

Addy - 8826 N. Acacia grove place, Tucson Az 85743
Dec 17, 1994 (Age: 26)



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