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    Solunar forecast

    I use the Farmers Almanac to plant my vegetables.
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    16 team league

    This league is brutal! Especially when your team is auto drafted.
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    can we confirm

    Yep, rare to see for sure.
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    can we confirm

    Thanks Michael for reaching out to them.
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    Today's Smoke 2022

    A couple over the last few days. Mornings have become a great time for coffee, cigar and hot tub, since it’s finally cooling off. Found this original label CAO Gold Robusto, while stopping in at a local B&M. Great change of pace cigar. I love this Oliva lancero vitola, picked it up when I...
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    can we confirm

    When they first joined, I purchased 2 boxes of RyJ En Cedros and they were legit. Not sure what’s transpired over the years, but as Gary said, buyer beware.
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    Happy Thread

    Is horking a medical term 😂
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    NFL talk

    I sure wish the Packers could score as many points in the 2nd half, as they do in the first. First 2 drives, TDs. Third drive should have been a score. After that, nada. They do this way too many time, not sure why.
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    What Beer you drinking 2022!

    No, some of us have slowed way down 😂
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    I think I have a problem...

    I wear them all! Fleece jacket and shorts in the winter.
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    I think I have a problem...

    Did you get his reaction on video?
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    I think I have a problem...

    It’s all nasty barley wine, you don’t want any of that! 😂
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    I think I have a problem...

    Cubs and Packers hats. Also jackets, I love a good fleece jacket and probably have 40+ from different brands.