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    Cigar box clock

    At a huge premium.
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    Thanks Brandon

    Enjoy, hope you enjoy the bourbon. Congrats in Nursing school. I went through our equipment room and grabbed some things, that I thought were funny and you'd need.
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    49ers vs Packers bet

    Anytime man, enjoy it while watching the Super Bowl!
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    Checking in (it's been a while)

    I'm also friends with him on FB.
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    Peterson Pipes

    I love those videos and I haven't seen that one before. That Mochi video, that's below the Peterson, is a cool one as well.
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    Super Bowl Squares 2020 ***FULL***

    When will we know the numbers, so we can plan on seeing Anthony win, as usual.
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    Happy birthday Sonuvabum

    Happy Birthday Gary!
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    What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2020

    A reflection? 😁
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    Happy birthday SKYDIVNEKD!

    Happy Birthday Floyd!
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    Checking in (it's been a while)

    Glad to see you posting again. I've seen your FB pictures and you look happy and have a lot of things to be thankful for, especially a new woman. Let us know if you need anything, we're here.
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    49ers vs Chiefs bet

    I really hope it's a good game. I'm pulling for the Chiefs, in this one.
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    Today's Smoke 2020

    You need your boys, to show you how to work your phone. Either that or invest in some glasses :)
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    What Whiskey, Rum or Cognac are you drinking today.

    Thoughts? Do a side by side, with the OWA 107.
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    49ers vs Packers bet

    FUCK! Send me your address C, I'll get something out to you this week.
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    The next Bitcoin halving is coming...

    So let's say you're ready to sell, how would you do that, on Robinhood?