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    Need advice on coffee pods/cups/machine

    Stubborn French Press user here. Our Keurig is pretty good, but if I'm going to drink coffee, like every day, I press some freshly ground beans. My dear wife finds unused presses at Goodwill for $6.00 or guy's opinion....
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    Nano Colloidal Silver

    ....not that hard to find: The Best Nano Silver Colloidal Silver Mineral Supplements 68 OZ 20 PPM Colloidal Silver Liquid
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    Not just another "bombing" post...

    I clearly recall shaking your hand over cigars in that fine establishment...!! Good times, to be sure.
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    Raising RH?

    A shallow saucer, a 3" square of new, synthetic sponge, and distilled water. Put the saucer with a wet sponge in your humidor....the RH will come up. All about surface area, and patience. Good luck..!!
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    Not just another "bombing" post...

    Well said..!! I have some sticks that were sent along by our absent brother Louie DeVito....and they are precious. Always reminds me of the good times we spent at the QSH and Uptown Cigars when they were in Kingston. Enjoy..!!
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    Happy 246th Birthday USMC

    Proud father of Sgt. Robert Larsen, USMC. Son Robert did ten years in the Corps, very proud of his service and commitment. Semper Fi to all the Marines who serve and who have served..!!
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    Happy birthday Stogieman !

    Happy Birthday to the Herf Master..!! Hope it's a good one, Charlie..!!
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    Lowering humidity.

    If the ambient RH is lower than your could just bag the Bovida's for a while, and leave the container open for a few hours....??
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    Lowering humidity.

    What's the ambient humidity...??
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    Amazing bomb from Anthony!!

    Great target, very nicely done..!!
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    Happy birthday DevilDoc!

    You're missed, my friend. Best of thoughts for you and your loved ones.
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    Bourbon BOMB

    Nicely done...!!
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    Happy birthday Ironpeddler!

    Happy Birthday, Gary..!!
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    Does anyone have 209 primers?

    Get on these guys mailing list, and move fast. Good folks, fair prices, and free shipping for orders over $200. I've used them several times...easy to recommend: