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    thoughts on this active humidifer??

    The guys at Avallo also make a solid unit. Capacity (# of humidifiers) based on the size of the area / cabinet you're trying to maintain. I have a Staebell humidor and love the active humidification. I add water to it when it runs low, that's...
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    Best Way To Season?

    Tupperware seals very tightly, and works fine. Usually, guys using tupperware or other plastic containers get by just fine with a couple Bovida packs and just replace them when they dry out. If you want some Bovida's, I've got a ton of them in storage. Happy to send a few along if they'd help.
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    Best Way To Season?

    It's not rocket surgery, but maybe my experience will save you some time and head scratching. The news here is it'll take some time to do it right, but trust me, it's worth it. I do NOT recommend wiping the inside of the humidor; just too easy to get things too wet and cause warpage. Even a...
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    Conspiracy theories

    I thought "binary to ASCII" and kaboom, out it came. Made perfect sense....;-)
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    Conspiracy theories

    Given what I do for a living, it was pretty simple.....:cool:
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    Aristocrat Mini/Plus48 owners - info request

    Once you get your cabinet built, and it's time for humidification, I think these guys have a great system and are well worth consideration:
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    Yowzah! Cuban Cigar Pricing Going Up...Way Up!!

    Just got a sale listing.....CoRo's for $ My cabinet is doing waaay better than my 401k....
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    Happy birthday Pugman1943

    How'd I miss this...?? Happy Birthday Ed...!! Hope it's a great one.
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    Dry Boxing

    My experience with Padron is they are so well made, they don't need a dry box treatment. The question; "...have you EVER had a plugged Padron..??..". My answer is no. Can't see how it'd hurt, but not particularly beneficial. One guy's opinion...
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    As we approach Memorial Day - In Honor of Devil Doc

    Thanks for the post, Ray. Hope all's well with you and yours.
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    New to Cigars, need a little help

    Welcome to the jungle, er, the forums from the PacNW. Kidding aside, there are great folks with tons of knowledge here. A great place to hang out. Be sure to read the many pages of great info and tips for tending to and enjoying cigars, and most of all have fun...!!
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    Padron - accepting orders

    As said, for the new guys, this is the real deal and very well worth your time if Padron is in your wheelhouse. For me, not this time, but next time for sure...!! Always a pleasure, Jim.
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    Thanks for the comments. If you're curious, we're running an Ambient Weather WS-2902-C. The systems from Davis are pretty much the standard for TV and radio stations, small airports, etc. but at roughly half the price (and with superior WiFi), the Ambient Weather systems are pretty darn cool...
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    Yowzah! Cuban Cigar Pricing Going Up...Way Up!!

    I hear Thompson has some really great deals on bundle smokes. I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.....🤣
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    If you guys are ever curious about the weather right here at Casa BBS, you can check out my new high speed, low drag weather station I installed a couple weeks ago. Had a different one, but I'm really happy with the Ambient Weather system that's up there now...