<p><span style="color:rgb(0,0,255);"><span style="font-size:18px;"><span style="font-family:'comic sans ms', cursive;"><span style="font-family:'trebuchet ms', helvetica, sans-serif;">Thanks for stopping by</span>..........</span></span></span><br>
<p>I am a woodworker by choice, but a manager for a living. I am remarried and between my wife and I, have 4 daughters, 5 grand-sons and a grand-daughter just born. I play guitar (blues fan). I am an Ex NAVY Vietnam Vet. I love family, music, travel,  friends and fun. I love America most.<br><br>
I drink scotch, beer and enjoy Cabernet and Chianti. I love Highland single malts and most of the Johnny Walker line-up. My everyday scotch is Johnny Walker Black. A good shot of tequilla with salt and a lemon will never be turned down.<br><br>
Padrons, pretty much top to bottom are my favorite legal cigars. My go to is a Fuente Gran Reserva Corona Imperial Maduro. I love ISOM cigars best, damn shame they are illegal. I also enjoy trying new sticks. It keeps this hobby of mine interesting.<br>
<p><span style="color:rgb(165,42,42);"><strong><em>I have been smoking cigars for over 40 years</em></strong></span>.<br><br><strong><span style="color:rgb(0,0,255);">These</span><span style="color:rgb(0,0,205);"> are some of MY</span></strong></p>
<p><strong><span style="color:rgb(0,0,205);">  SMOKED CIGARS </span></strong></p>
<p>1502 "Emerald"<br>
5 Star cigar "Hojas Dominicanas" (Excellent!)<br>
5 Vegas   "A"<br>
5 Vegas   "Cask Strength"<br>
5 Vegas   "Classic"<br>
5 Vegas   "Gold"<br>
5 Vegas "Gold Maduro"<br>
5 Vegas   "MIAMI"<br>
A. Turrent "Puro Corojo"<br>
ACID   "Opulence"<br>
Alec Bradley   "1997"<br>
Alec Bradley   "TEMPUS"<br>
Alec Bradley "Max" Brazil<br>
AR, Augusto Reyes "Epicur"<br>
Arturo Fuente "Anejo"<br>
Arturo Fuente "Chateau Fuente Double Chateau"<br>
Arturo Fuente "Gran Reserva Imperial Corona Maduro"<br>
Arturo Fuente "Hemingway"<br>
Arturo Fuente "Rosado"<br>
Arturo Fuente "Special Selection" Curley Head<br>
Ashton "Heritage"<br>
Ave Maria<br>
AVO "80th"<br>
AVO "XO"<br>
Bahia Blu<br>
Brick House<br>
CAIN  "Straight Ligero" Habano Nicaragua<br>
CAIN  "Straight Ligero" Maduro Nicaragua NUB<br>
CAMACHO   "Corojo"<br>
Camacho   "MADURO"<br>
CAMACHO  "Criollo"<br>
CAMACHO "CLE Limited Edition" (CRA Hand Out 2012)<br>
CAMACHO "Quinto Corte" 8/22<br>
CAO   "Brazilia"<br>
CAO   L'Anniversaire "Maduro"<br>
CAO  " MX2"<br>
CAO  "Convergence"<br>
CAO "OSA"<br>
CAO "Supranos"<br>
CAO "Vision"<br>
Carlos Torano   "Casa Torano"<br>
Carlos Torano  "Noventa 90"<br>
Casa Fuente<br>
Casa Magna  "Colorado"<br>
Casa Magna "Domus Magnus Limitada"<br>
CI Anniversary<br>
CIFUENTES y CIA   Partagas "Black"<br>
CIFUENTES Y CIA   Partagas 1845   2  13/16"<br>
CIFUENTES Y CIA   Partagas 1845   3"<br>
CLE "Christian Luis Eiroa" 2012 CLE Corojo<br>
COHIBA   "MADURO 5"  Cuban<br>
COHIBA   "Red Dot"<br>
COHIBA  "NATURAL"  Siglo V Cuban<br>
COHIBA "Republica Dominicana" Counterfeit<br>
COHIBA Black pequenos<br>
COHIBA Dominican Robusto<br>
Cohiba Pequenos Dominican<br>
Cu Avana<br>
Cuba Libre "One"<br>
CUESTA REY  "Centenario"<br>
Cuesta Rey  "Centrofino" Sungrown<br>
Davidoff Grand Cru #3<br>
Diamond Crown "CRA Limited Edition"<br>
Diamond Crown "Maximus"<br>
Diesel "Crucible"<br>
Diesel "Unholy Cocktail"<br>
Diesel "Unlimited"<br>
Don Pepin Garcia   "CUBAN CLASSIC"<br>
Don Pepin Garcia "Blue Label" lancero<br>
Drew Estates "Liga Privada #9" CRA Limited Edition<br>
Drew Estates "Undercrown"<br>
El Major   "EXPRESSO"<br>
El Major  "EMERALD"<br>
E.P. Carrillo  "CRA Limited Edition"<br>
Erin Go Bragh  "Irish Whiskey"<br>
Filepe Dominicana<br>
Flor de Tamboril "2013 Edicion Limitada"<br>
Fonseca  "Vintage"<br>
Fonseca Serie F<br>
Fuente Fuente "OpusX"<br>
Garcia &amp; Garcia "My Father"<br>
Garcia &amp; Garcia "My Father" Limited Edition, Jamie Garcia<br>
Graycliff   "1666"<br>
Graycliff   "G2"<br>
Graycliff "G2 Turbo"<br>
Guantanamera   Cuban<br>
GURKHA   "Grand Age"<br>
GURKHA   "Grand Reserve"<br>
GURKHA "Legend"<br>
H Upman "1844 Reserve"<br>
H UPMANN    "Reserve Maduro"<br>
H UPMANN   "Vintage Cameroon"<br>
H Upmann 31.4  Cuban<br>
HEAVEN   "RUM"<br>
Helix   "Connecticut Broadleaf"<br>
Hoya de Monterrey, "REPOSADO" El Cedros<br>
Hoya De Monterrey, Gener Jose, Excalibur "Dark Knight"<br>
J "Grotto Series"<br>
J. Cortes<br>
J.R    "Calidad Suprema"<br>
Jaime Garcia "Reserva Especial" (CRA Hand Out 2013)<br>
Jose Gener "Hoya de Monterey"  Habana<br>
JOYA DE NICARAGUA,  PURO  "Celebracion"<br>
JR "5 Star" Natural<br>
JTS "Jimmy the Saint"<br>
Kristoff "Corojo Limitada"<br>
Kristoff "Maduro" Churchill<br>
Kristoff "Sumatra" Torpedo<br>
La Aroma de CUBA "CRA Limited Edition"<br>
LA Aurora   E. Leon<br>
La Cuna<br>
La Gloria Cubana "Artisanos Retro Especiale' "<br>
La Gloria Cubana "Serie N"<br>
La Herencia Cubana<br>
La Mezcla Cubana<br>
La Palina "Classic"<br>
La Pearla Habana  "Black Pearl Morado"<br>
La Pearla Habana  "Black Pearl"<br>
La Pearla Habana "Rojo"<br>
La Reloba  "Seleccion Habano"  CRA Limited Edition<br>
Legend Ario<br>
Leon Jimenes<br>
LFD  La Flor Dominicana  "Double Ligero"<br>
LFD  La Flor Dominicana  "LIGERO"<br>
LFD La Flor Dominicana  "Premium Line"<br>
Litto Gomez "Famous signature Series"<br>
Lou Rodriguez "Edicion Premier"<br>
Lou Rodriguez "Edicion Reserva"<br>
MACANUDO   "1968"<br>
MACANUDO   "Café"<br>
MACANUDO   "Maduro"<br>
MACANUDO "Cru Royal"<br>
Montecristo   "EDMUNDO"   Cuban<br>
Montecristo   "Media Noche"<br>
Montecristo "White Label"<br>
Morro Castle "1959"<br>
My Cuban Wheel "MCW" #1<br>
Nica Libre "1990"<br>
Nimish "Thunder"<br>
Nish Patel  "XEN"<br>
Nub "Habano"<br>
Nub "Habano" Perfecto<br>
Oliva   "El Cobre"<br>
Oliva   "Serie G"<br>
Oliva   "Serie O"<br>
Oliva   "Serie V"<br>
Oliva "Serie V" Melanio Gran Reserva Limitada<br>
Padilla    "Limitado Edicion Especial"<br>
Padilla "1932"<br>
Padilla "HABANO"<br>
PADILLA Corojo "Edicion Especial 2006"<br>
Padron 1926<br>
Padron 1964<br>
Park Avenue   "44"<br>
Partagas 1845 "Heritage Rewrapped"<br>
PERDOMO   "LOT 23"<br>
Perdomo   "Reserve MADURO 10th Anniversary"<br>
Perdomo "Champaigne" 10th Anniversary<br>
Perdomo Habano   "Connecticut"<br>
Perfecto Garcia<br>
Pinar Del Rio " HABANO Sun Grown" Liga Cubana NO. 5<br>
Pinar Del Rio "OSCURO" Liga Cubana #2<br>
Pinar Del Rio CLASICO Exclusivo<br>
Pinar Del Rio SELECCION Reserva Limitada<br>
Plasencia "Reseva Organica"<br>
Professor Sila<br>
Pueblo "Dominicano"<br>
PUNCH   2 7/8"<br>
PUNCH   3"<br>
Punch "Bareknuckle"<br>
PUNCH "Rare Corojo 10th anniversary"<br>
PUNCH "Uppercut"<br>
Ramon Bueso  "Genesis"<br>
Reloba   Cuban<br>
Rocky Patel   "CONNECTICUT"<br>
Rocky Patel   "Renaissance"<br>
Rocky Patel   "The Edge"<br>
Rocky Patel  "1961"<br>
Rocky Patel "lite"<br>
Rocky Patel "Old World Reserve"<br>
Rocky Patel "Sun Grown"<br>
Rocky Patel "Vintage 1999 Connecticut"<br>
Rocky Patel "Vintage 2003 Cameroon"<br>
Romeo Y Julietta   "CHURCHILLS"  Cuban<br>
Romeo Y Julietta "Nicaragua"<br>
Romeo Y Julietta   "Reserve Maduro"<br>
Romeo Y Julietta "Reserva Real"<br>
Romeo Y Julietta "Vintage Maruro"  Medallas de Oro<br>
Room 101<br>
San Lotano  "Oval"<br>
Santana-Lapinet "NEW GENERATION"<br>
Serafin De Cuba<br>
SHERPA  "LOT No. 458"<br>
Sol Cubano   "Connecticut"<br>
Sol Cubano   "MADURO"<br>
Sol Cubano  "Artisan"<br>
Sol Cubano,   "Cuban Cabinet"<br>
Tatuaje "Cabiguan"  Guapo<br>
Tatuaje "CRA Limited Edition"<br>
Tatuaje "Cojonu 2012"<br>
Vegas Robaina   Cuban<br>
Viaje "Oro"<br>
Victor Sinclair "10th Anniversario"<br>
Victor Sinclair "Conneticut Yankee"<br>
Victor Sinclair "Primeros Tobacos"<br>
Victor Sinclair "Triple Corojo"<br>
Winston Churchill "CRA Limited Edition"</p>
<p> </p>
<p> </p>
<p>Steve Raymer</p>

Woodworking, Music, Travel, Scotch, Handguns, Camping & Cigars.........
Oct 15, 1952 (Age: 67)


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Still, IMO, the best place on earth..........
There are guys who were in the NAVY, and then there were Sailors.......I was a Sailor!




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