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    What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2020

    Unfortunately brother my latest purchase in 2020 was new submersible pump at my cabin! I owned that place for 19 years and finally build a roof over the deck and two weeks later, my pump burned up. The bad part is that the well pit is in a trap door under the deck.....and under the new roof...
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    Help identifying the age of my Don Carlos Sampler

    Hello brothers! It's been a long time and when I decided to come here for some help I realized how much I miss this place:) I have a Don Carlos sampler with the Lancero and 7 other sticks. I think I bought it 11 or 12 years ago but can't remember because I have CRS. I called Tampa...
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    Is this redumnant? Aren't all midgets angry?
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    "CigSid's "bomb" contest - 2008 H. Uphman Sir Winston (Won't You Be Mine)

    Brother! As much as I love you I had a hard time watching the beginning of that! However, as usual, you came through true to form :) There was just a brain disconnect.... kinda like Eddie Murphy's skit about Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton being gayo_O
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    Just wanted to say thank you!

    That camping trip was so awesome! Met some cool brothers, made some life-long friends, and laughed until I nearly puked! Hmmmmm .... I guess I was being a bit presumptuous to assume I was the only one .... well, John too of course LOL It's nice that you get along so well with John's friends...
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    Just wanted to say thank you!

    I absolutely love Donella's accent! Sometimes I make her talk just to listen to her :) and when she gets agitated it becomes even better! I sometimes pick on her just to listen to her reaction. Sitting around the fire, with several drinks in us, I told her that her third world country would...
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    What has been your experience with moldy cigars?

    Seems like some amazing stuff. A couple teaspoons orally seems to have incredible health benefits and a couple ounces in a gallon of distilled water can work wonders in my coolidor. I think I'll have a beer☺
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    What has been your experience with moldy cigars?

    jfields introduced me to this thread when I mentioned a funky smell in my coolidors. Just to clarify, are you adding two ounces of the 10 or 20 PPM solution to a gallon of water?
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    Just wanted to say thank you!

    I haven't been here much and I often miss it! I recently spent a few days with jfields and his family and the break was just what I needed. John and Donella and their family are truly some of Gods special people! We ate, drank, and smoked like kings; we shared stories and memories, and we...
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    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2018)

    Thanks brother!
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    Calling Ohio Members

    As implied by my signature, some things are simply more important than others:rolleyes: There are 7,400,000,000 in this world, roughly half of which are women. Some of these women are a blank slate, some have been pre-conditioned by other men, some may not be acceptable to you for various...
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    Calling Ohio Members

    When you know how many will attend, let me know so I can let Matt know.
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    Calling Ohio Members

    I texted Matt to give him the date and time you chose. I'm sure you guys will have fun!