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    Arturo Fuente Rare Pink 1960 Short Story

    Might have to try and find a few of those. Great review
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    And we're done........

    Thanks for doing it this year Brandon!!
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    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2021)

    3 Nations Brewery
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    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2021)

    Modern Times
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    Happy birthday Scap!

    Happy Birthday 🍻
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    Happy birthday Napa_Smokes!

    Happy Birthday Josh!!
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    Happy birthday Tone-NY

    Happy Birthday 🍻
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    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2020)

    Love Maine Beer Company. I’m shocked I can get it locally! Great beer.
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    Cody5thou, you better hope for a cold snap

    Santa you have the wrong guy. I definitely don’t deserve this!!!! Thank you so much for the generosity.
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    A satisfied woman 🥰😜

    Well done!! She definitely deserves to be taken care of!
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    What Whiskey, Rum or Cognac are you drinking today.

    Father in-law showed up with a big bottle of Willet last night.