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    RIP Max

    My sympathies. Its never easy, but its part of the journey. Dogs are worth the trip.
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    Cparker! Santa is willing to grade on a curve here...

    Santa, Package received in good order. And, WOW!!! what a great stocking. I know I wasn't THAT good! Ha! I very much appreciate the great selection of cigars and the accoutrement. Thank you. I hope you and those you hold dear have a safe, satisfying, and happy holiday. Best wishes for 2019...
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    Cparker! Santa is willing to grade on a curve here...

    Santa!! Thanks for thinking of me. I tend to smoke smaller ring gauges, medium to full. Illusione is a favorite. But anything you want to share is ok by me. Sometimes its fun to try something I might not think of. Anything sent is greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays!!
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    iTune encrypted backup

    Long story short, I busted my iPhone. The Apple store near my office had a same day appointment. Since my MacBook was at home (45 miles away) I loaded iTune on my work computer to backup my iPhone before taking it in. I don't like or use iCloud. iTunes shows the backup. During the process, I...
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    2018 Secret Santa Sign Up's

    In. One of the fun sides to the holiday season.
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    LSU +13.5

    I am thinking LSU takes the win. Death Valley at night is hard to leave with a W. LSU owned UGA from kickoff til the clock ran out. In no way comparing UGA to Mama, but I think LSU's rebuilding years are over. They looked like a good football team. I'd take the points because if LSU loses it...
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    Happy Birthday Doc

    Happy Birthday Doc
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    Rocky Mountain Cigar Fest 2018

    I fly in tomorrow evening as well, I used to live in Denver so spending a couple of days checking the changes and seeing old friends. Never went to it when I lived there so gave me a reason to visit.
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    Rocky Mountain Cigar Fest 2018

    Anyone going? Will be my first.
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    Zero Turn Mowers

    Bought a Ferris F60. Pleased so far and with the rain we are having this summer happy to have it. It is a commercial grade, though I believe on the lesser end. I went with the Briggs & Stratton over the Kawasaki as it save $400 and the dealer did not think given my use it was worth the extra for...
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    After 18 years, had to say good bye...

    My sympathy to you. It is a hard loss.
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    Zero Turn Mowers

    It did. But farm equipment would offend their metro suburban sensibilities. They would fear livestock would be next.
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    Zero Turn Mowers

    A hay baler would push my neighbors over the edge.
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    Memorial Day

    I always appreciate this post.