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Hi, I'm Dave. I'm a banker in frozen Wisconsin. Not the investment kind, but the small town kind. I'm interested in movies, the martial arts, football, travel, and cigars. I'm always in the mood for a good cigar, and lately have been really stocking up. <br />
<br />
Looking forward to some good conversations!<br />
<br />
--------------------------------------------------------<br />
<br />
I've been here a couple months now so I figured I'd expand this a little bit. <br />
<br />
Cigars I like: <br />
<br />
I'm a big fan of Lonsdales, Coronas and Petit Coronas. Sometimes a good Churchill or Lancero if I have the time or the mood strikes me.<br />
<br />
ISOM<br />
Anything Montecristo <br />
ERDM<br />
H Upmann<br />
Por Larranaga<br />
Cohiba<br />
Jose La Pierda<br />
Diplomatico<br />
Johnny-O!<br />
<br />
NC<br />
CAO Anniversario Maduro<br />
Padron (never had a bad one, love the 26's)<br />
Griffin's<br />
RP 90 or 92<br />
Tatuaje<br />
Definitely learning the appeal of Opus X<br />
<br />
There are still a lot I haven't tried. I tend to lean more toward Medium to Med-full smokes. I think I'd like to add a wish list as well.<br />
<br />
Wish List:<br />
<br />
ISOM<br />
Anything aged (especially looking for something from 1980 since that's the year I was born)<br />
H Upmann Sir Winston [color=&quot;#FF0000&quot;]Done (thanks me)[/color]<br />
H Upmann Mag 46 [color=&quot;#FF0000&quot;] Thanks Santa, Jeff and Dan!![/color]<br />
HdM Epicure 1 and 2 [color=&quot;#FF0000&quot;] Thanks Santa and Hans! Thanks Jeff for the #1[/color]<br />
Any EL [color=&quot;#FF0000&quot;] Jeff and Chenman, thanks for the hookup [/color]<br />
<br />
Since this is close to done, I've been asked to toss up a few updates, so here it goes.<br />
PSD4 [color=&quot;#FF0000&quot;]Thanks Jeff![/color]<br />
Bolivar Belicoso Fino [color=&quot;#FF0000&quot;]Thanks Jeff![/color]<br />
Monte Open (Yeah I know, but I'm still curious)<br />
SLR Lonsdale<br />
Cohiba Gran Reserva<br />
PL Panetela<br />
Monte Edmundo<br />
Monte Petit Edmundo<br />
Bolivar Royal Corona<br />
Bolivar Petit Corona<br />
Bolivar Coronas Junior<br />
Cohiba Maduro (any)<br />
Partagas 898<br />
Partagas Mille Fleurs<br />
RA Small Club Corona<br />
ERDM Choix Supreme<br />
ERDM Lunch Club<br />
RyJ Short Churchill<br />
Trinidad Fundadores<br />
<br />
NC<br />
Opus X (any) [color=&quot;#FF0000&quot;]Thanks Jim (stepthirteen)[/color]<br />
Arturo Fuente (any) [color=&quot;#FF0000&quot;]Thanks Jim[/color]<br />
Tatuaje (any) [color=&quot;#FF0000&quot;]Thanks Bo [/color]<br />
<br />
Updates:<br />
Opus X BBMF<br />
Opus X Maduro<br />
Tatuaje Cojonu 2009<br />
PAM [color=&quot;#FF0000&quot;]Thanks a millenium Jeff![/color]<br />
Padron 45th Maduro [color=&quot;#FF0000&quot;]Thanks Me [/color]<br />
<br />
<br />
Gifted to/Bombed:<br />
Quite a few<br />
<br />
Received gifts from:<br />
RyJ Smoker<br />
Ghost<br />
:Monty:<br />
Hylan85<br />
thechenman<br />
Santa<br />
JTuttle<br />
Anthem<br />
<br />
You all blow me away. I'll try to live up to your generosity<br />
<br />
Contests won:<br />
Kingantz: Guess my smokes 2009. Thanks again Greg!<br />
Grateful1: Crushed car contest. Thanks again Gary!<br />
<br />
<br />
Passes:<br />
CP's &quot;Cigar 101&quot; Newbie Pass 5. Thanks Greg for a very educational experience!<br />
<br />
CPers Herfed with:<br />
RyJ Smoker<br />
Ghost<br />
JTuttle<br />
Anthem<br />
Wisco<br />
StogieSteve<br />
Hopefully more in the near future!<br />
<br />
I'm always up to try new things because you never know what you'll like until you try it.<br />
<br />
Addy:<br />
Dave K<br />
1040 Riverbend Dr. #12<br />
Hartford, WI 53027

I'm interested in the martial arts as well as cigars. I travel the world for competitions and am always looking for a good smoke shop. As for Cigars, I have gotten back into them the last couple of years. Started with NC's and worked my way into CC's. Recently I had to put together a coolidor because the collection has been growing out of control. I'll tell you, CC's are definitely a weakness for me. Gotta stock up so I can let them age properly!! ;)
Apr 24, 1980 (Age: 43)
Hartford WI




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