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[size=&quot;5&quot;][font=&quot;Georgia&quot;]I have Been smoking cigars for about ten years now. I have my favoites but I love to try new ones all the time. Currently my favoites are Partagas, Cohiba Robusto, Vergas Robina, Padron 1926 (I think that's it), Nubs Robusto, Opus X and my new loves are Tatuaje's and La Flor Donminica 7000 and DL Lancero. I like the stronger cigars, I love flavor. <br />
<br />
I consider myself a social person and am very confident in everything I do. If I am not confident in it I will practice it till I am as good if not better then the average person. My cigar hangout is Zigari's in Ontario I love this place. Perfect place for hanging out smoking a good stoggie and having a great conversation with a bunch of guys. Things I love to do is play baseball, been playing for 30 plus years. hanging out with my family I have two sons one four and my youngest is two. Been married for seven years now to the best wife in the world. Love to go wine teasting when every I can and I love to go to Vegas with the guys.[/font] [/size]<br />
7527 Bear Creek Dr<br />
Fontana, ca 02336

My family, smoking cigars, playing baseball, playing tennis, going to the gym, drinking wine, and hanging out with friends and family having a good time.
Jul 16, 1968 (Age: 55)
Fontana, CA


Anthony M. Bryant
"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."
Winston Churchill