I'm still learning what I like and have a much better idea since I've joined this site and smoked many differant cigars.. I'm finding ( thanks to some of you BOTL) that I like med to full bodied smokes. The more time I spend on this site and just read the more I learn. I've also come to learn that this community has some very GOOD people in it. Watching the way this place works makes me much less cynical about our species.<br />Cigars I've enjoyed<br />I've found I like the larger ring sizes....not much of a Lancero man I guess.<br />Basically Love all Pepin Blends!<br />DPG My Father <br />DPG My Father 1922<br />Viaje 50/50<br />AF Hemingway Maduros :thumbs: <br />Padron 5000<br />Diamond Crown Maximus #5 Robusto<br />San Cristobal Fabuloso<br />Padron 1964 Anni<br />Ashton VSG Robusto<br />Ashton VSG Wizard<br />Illusione 88<br />Cruzado Dantes Robusto <br />Liga Privada #9<br />Tatuaje Monster Frank<br />Tatuaje Regios <br />Tatuaje Regios Reservas<br />Arturo Fuente Anejo - Reserva Shark 77<br />Opus X #4<br />RASCC<br />PSD4<br />Wish list<br />Don Pepin Garcia El Centurion (Thanks Charley)<br />Davidoff Millennium Robusto(Purchased...Meh!)<br />Tat Bombazo <br />Tat Porkchop ( Thanks Jesus/MOBIG!)<br />Tatuaje Cojonu 2003<br />Tat RC184<br />Tat Black Jar Release(Purchased from Stepthirteen)<br />Don Arturo Gran Anniverxario Sungrown<br />Tatuaje Verocu #9 East or West Coast (Thanks Charley)<br />Arturo Fuente 858 Sungrown<br />Tatuaje El Cohete 2006<br />Padron Family Reserva 45th<br />Liga Privada Flying Pig<br />Liga Privada T-52<br />Any God of Fire ( a little age would be nice)<br />ISOM<br />H Upman Mag 50 ( thanks Charlie/Stogieman)<br />Ramon Allones Belicosos RE, 2005 <br />RASS with some age on it<br />H Upmann Sir Winston(Thanks DeVonn!)<br />Dark Ale/ Stout lover/Jack Daniels Single barrel<br />Herf'ed With<br />Jayro/Jason<br />Isy<br />Charlie/Stogieman<br />The One and Only Nasty/Los<br />EricDriscoll/Christian<br />Mobig/Jesus<br />BXCIGARFAN/Pete<br />MrTapes/Mark<br />Participated in<br />Star in a Reasonably Priced Car Pass hosted by Marco-Polo<br />Newbie Sampler  (TheOrangeman)<br />Opus X 22 Group buy hosted by jlada<br />Cigar Make a Wish/PIF<br />Cigar Make a Wish/PIF II<br />Cigar Blind Review/PIF II ( May 2009, January 2010, January 2011,July 2011)<br />Secret Santa 2008<br />Secret Santa 2009<br />Purchased from Jack Straw<br />Purchased from Stepthirteen<br />Purchased from Miamipadronsmoke<br />Purchased from Kingantz<br />Purchased Sampler from Lovetheleaf.<br />Purchased Sampler from Jfields<br />Purchased from Jorel<br />Traded with Lovetheleaf<br />Traded with Jayro75<br />Traded with Ironpeddler<br />Sold to<br />JSanzone23<br />NASTY<br />JLada<br />H3110LHD<br />Lookingforknowledge<br />Box Splits<br />Nasty<br />Kingantz

Downhill Skiing ,Running, Sitting on my back deck reading a good book with a nice cigar and a good stiff drink of something
Eating my wifes cooking. being with my family
Oct 31, 1960 (Age: 60)
East BeJesus




"I believe the game is designed to reward the ones who hit the hardest. If you can't take it, you shouldn't play." Jack Lambert

Devil Doc
18 Jan 2011 - 16:57
Hello gouger. Go choke on your spit, asshat.



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