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    Memorial Day, a long time ago

    Doc, it never gets old reading this post every year. It help as a reminder as to what this day is really all about. Thank you.
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    NYE bonfire

    Getting ready to head out for our annual NYE bonfire. Wishing everyone a safe & Happy New Year. :) :)
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    My grandson

    Born this morning at 7:00 am. After 10 hours of labor, the Doctor decided it best for both my daughter and grandson to preform a c-section. Both are doing fine. Emmett Chase, just moments old. Gramps, holding my first grandbaby
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    Lost a feline family member...

    Melly, sorry to hear about your loss. :( I have one of my boys sitting right next to me as I type this and just gave him a little more lovin' after reading this.
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    Request your input for Cigar Pass Insurance

    Seems like the easiest would be the raffle idea. That way they would all ship out as one lot. No need to break them up, figure out the pricing or shipping separate packages. My first inital input when contacted by EMO was to sell off the cigars with the money being put towards the operating...
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    Request your input for Cigar Pass Insurance

    Just checked in on the progress of this thread and I am sadened by the recent turn of events. :( With the short sale of the house and recently moving, I haven't been actively watching this thread. I am still hopeful that Emo will do the right thing and the cigars will be shipped out. I haven't...
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    ** Sun Storm Trick**

    It has nothing to do with the solar flares or magnetic fields. Years ago we used to go into the grocery store and stand up a bunch of brooms all down the aisle. Then hid around the end and watched as shoppers came down that row trying to avoid the magically standing brooms. Kids.... :laugh:
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    Contest- SuperBowl Pool Related

    They have an ointment for that. :laugh: The generousity around this place is always top notch. :thumbs:
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    Do all cellular carriers require data package with smart phones?

    How is the coverage with Boost? I get a 22% discount on my Verizon bill and it is still higher than several friends with other carriers with the same type of plans.
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    Cigarlady is back and BIGGER than ever...literally!

    Congratulations to you and Rod. :)
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    Sad goodbye to a furry friend...

    Sorry to hear this Melly. They do work their way into our lives and become family.
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    I'm going to miss him... Our pet TJ

    Sory to hear this. They do become family members.
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    Happy Birthday to stogieman!

    Happy Birthday. Enjoy the day. :)
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    Cigar Pass Insurance

    If I not mistaken, someone in the past insured a pass with the shipping company they used and something happened to the pass. When they tried to submit a claim, they were told tobacco items were not covered. They couldn't prove the purchase and value of the contents of the pass. So I don't...
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    Cigar Pass Insurance

    Yes. I know that it has always been a one time fee and you're covered for any and all passes you host. I never really did think that was practical. I feel it would be more like a regular insurance policy. You have to insure every vehicle you have and it's an ongoing payment to keep up your...