I'm a dick... as in a Detective.I love my job! I enjoy smoking cigars, hunting, fishing, camping, mountain biking, poker, and enjoying the company of my friends. There are not many better things in life, than sitting out on the deck or porch with my wife, smoking a great cigar.I am looking forward to trying some new things and sharing what I know. Hopefully I can meet many of the people I get to know through this site.<br /><br />Wish list has been updated and decimated several times due to the amazing generosity of Brothers on this site! THANKS!!!<br /><br /><br />Updated wish list:<br /><br />Viaje<br />Non regular production Opus<br />Padron Millenium<br />Any of the HTF Tats<br /><br /><br />ISOM<br />I am always looking to try any Cuban cigar. I don't have much experience with any of them especially larger vitolas. My favorites are Cohiba and Partagas and Bolivar...and RA.... and SLR....so far.<br /><br />Cohiba IV, V, VI<br />Cohiba Behike<br />Cohiba GR<br />Monti A<br />RyJ churchill (really want to try some from '98)<br />HdM Double Corona<br />Partagas Lusi<br />Trinidad Fundadores<br />VR Unicos<br />Toboada<br />Davidoff<br />Morales Custom!!<br /><br />Trustworthy Traders/sellers/all around bad asses:<br />Razorback<br />Bond<br />NorCalMark<br />Hillbilly Steaks<br />Bfreebern<br />TheHatGuy<br />Lucasbuck<br />emodx<br />seadub<br />ggiese<br />OutlawD<br />MRepp<br />JHawk<br />Nfulton<br />Infinity<br />Cohibasurfer<br />Joe M.<br />insight<br />gtphale<br />lilbastage<br />Fuscat<br />slcraiders<br />cigarsarge<br />smokelaw1<br />BrownDevil<br />Tasman<br />Swifty<br />Mark Twain<br />MiamiCubano<br />Jfields<br />enerjay<br />Thankyoufornotsmoking<br />Devin Cole<br />Bahianut<br /><br />passes:<br />Simple Pass II (done)<br />PIF pass (done)<br />Smoke D's pass (done)<br />FNG Pass (done)<br />Last Herfer<br />Standing (done)<br />CP cigar draft (done)<br />2007 Super Bowl Pool (done)<br />Hoja's Badass Box Pass (done)-host<br />Spring Fever Pass (done)<br />My address is<br />Brandon McKinney<br />415 N. 40th<br />Fort Smith, AR 72903
Feb 24, 1983 (Age: 39)
Fort Smith, AR




Smoking a cigar is a great experience for me; giving someone a cigar makes a great experience for both of us!

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