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    The Evil Dr. Moki's Group Blind Taste Test #1

    It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission
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    Happy Birthday Grateful1

    I'm late but still not as slow as Gary's passes. Happy bday old man!
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    The Evil Dr. Moki's Group Blind Taste Test #1

    Pretty good overall, just swamped with work. Good to see so many old faces still posting here
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    The Evil Dr. Moki's Group Blind Taste Test #1

    I can't believe this was 11 years ago, that seems totally unreasonable.
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    Ever Seen A Grown Man Cry

    Hey Josh - I just opened a box of HU super coronas to find half covered in mold, so that was cool. LMK if you are in my area and we can purge some of the survivors...
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    96 Cohiba lancero at Casa

    it doesn’t suck.
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    Happy Birthday enerjay

    Happy bday Jay!
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    In memory of MadMonk

    This is very sad to hear, RIP Dan - . This has been a terrible year for loss in our community
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    RIP Smokyballs

    Ad astra Brad, I don't have the right words for this one.....
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    Happy Birthday Jonesy

    Happy bday #2!
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    Today's Smoke 2017

    An 06 CoRo for me - finally warming up here.
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    Friends of CP Remembered

    Well done, seeing these pics brings back a lot of memories
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    Today's Smoke 2017

    Over the weekend shared a 3 pack of Opus RDC from Carlito with a couple of friends...they have aged well.
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    The 'Filthy Hooligan'....really...??

    I feel like I may have missed some big developments over the last few years while limiting my buying/board time- is that thing for real? It looks like a candy cane got drunk with a 858 claro and made bad decisions at the xmas party.
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    Need someone to run the Newbie Sampler Trade

    Clant has my vote, I think he hasn't chimed in here because he doesn't want to jinx his chances