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    Happy birthday jayro75!

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Had a great day, incredible steak dinner. Unfortunately no cigar but that is on tonight's agenda.
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    Please recommend a good cigar cabinet

    I’ll second the recommendation for Vigilant. They’re very well constructed cabinets and the active humidification system is great.
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    NFL talk

    I agree with those assessments! It will be interesting to see how it plays out for the rest of the season.
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    NFL talk

    Not saying they're as good as their record but the Giants absolutely dominated the Packers in the 2nd half yesterday. Make of that what you will.
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    Christmas Gift

    Next time might I recommend a cock ring! It would be a great gift you both can enjoy.
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    Paramount plus NFL package

    You can look into the Sunday Ticket steaming package. It’s available separate from Direct tv if you live in an area that can’t get direct tv. This was the only option I could find to allow me to watch the Giants since my move to Florida. Luckily my development doesn’t allow satellite...
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    Buy Bitcoin

    Is "Bob" your pet name for @jfields? 😝
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    Follow up to Yowzah!

    I hear you!! What will most likely happen though is the guy celebrating a raise at work or birthday etc. That would normally have bought a Cohiba will now possibly reach for a Padron or Davidoff as his celebratory cigar. Thus introducing him to a whole new world of options he wasn’t aware of...
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    Follow up to Yowzah!

    Personal opinion is this was very short sighted by Habanos. They believed the market was dominated by consumers willing to pay $2K for a box of Eslpendidos when in reality it was a smaller percentage of wealthy buyers snapping up whatever was actually available. I don't think the average...
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    Where am I staying while in Barcelona ???

    Hotel Palacio Del Retiro
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    Deshaun Watson 6 games

    So he's suspended about a quarter of playing time per woman if my math is correct. Not exactly a major punishment.;)
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    Graycliff Cigars

    Do they still sell the Double Espresso blend Lanceros there? Those were amazing smokes back in the day!
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    What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2022

    Just trying to help out a friend, John! ;)
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    Happy Thread

    Am I the only one that looks forward to checking this thread each morning for the latest updates on "Thoughts of Dog"?
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    What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2022

    You know that you can go back to having that feeling John... All you have to do is gift your inventory to the brothers on the board. The next time you want to smoke a cigar you'll be super excited to walk into a B&M to purchase a new cigar. ;)🤣