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    How often do you smoke?

    2-3 a week depending...
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    Whats Your Latest Puchase

    Montecristo #2. This will be my first time trying them. Can't wait!
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    Davidoff Tubos Special <<R>>

    You betcha :) Fine smoke too.
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    Davidoff Tubos Special <<R>>

    I was at my local cigar store looking at Davidoffs and the worker pulled these out from a nook in the humidor. The store has recently switched locations and he said that they found this box of Davidoff Tubos Special Rs unopened in the back of the old humidor. He estimate that it had sat...
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    Best mild cigar you ever had

    Diamond Crown for me.
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    Padron 1964 Torpedo Maduro

    Great review. I thoroughly enjoy this cigar. Have a 64 and some 26s in the humidor as I type.
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    Today's Smoke

    Graycliff Profesionale. Very nice.